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Rest of Europe

In addition to Spain, we carry out our activity in France, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Portugal


We have marketed natural gas for professionals in the French market since 2005, when we opened our first country office in Paris.

Currently, we have a subscribed portfolio with customers of different types, ranging from industrial companies (chemicals, paper manufacturers, etc.) to local authorities and the public sector.

The goal is to achieve long-term relationships with a wide and varied customer portfolio. The French division is notable for personal contact with the customer, support designed to adapt to their needs, and competitive prices.

Likewise, we have the Montoir regasification plant on the north-western coast of France, which is operated by Elengy and allows us to increase the amount of gas we sell on the European wholesale natural gas market.

We also provide natural gas to hauliers as fuel. We were the first company in France to open an NGV double-fuelling station (LNG and CNG) in Castets, Landes.


Naturgy in France

Ireland and UK

In July 2016, we acquired the Irish marketing company Vayu, now Naturgy Ireland, supplying natural gas, electricity, renewable energy and energy management services to large energy users in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

In 2013 it had a 20% customer share market of the industrial and commercial gas market and, in 2020, it was the first shipper in Ireland to supply biomethane (renewable gas) to Irish businesses.

Since 2003, Naturgy Ireland has built a market leading reputation for our expertise in the energy sector for our unparalleled level of product innovation matched with superior customer service and support.


Naturgy in Ireland and UK


We obtained a licence to supply gas in Portugal in the first quarter of 2008. This made us one of the first foreign companies to be registered as a marketing agent for natural gas in the Portuguese market and the first major European gas company to get this licence. Since 2016, we have also been providing energy efficient energy solutions.

We are still the second-largest natural gas supplier in Portugal, with a market share of over 15%, maintaining our position as the leading foreign operator in the country.

Our positioning as an energy operator in Portugal is the result of a successful merger with Unión Fenosa, thanks to our consolidated implementation in that country. Unión Fenosa Comercial has been operating in Portugal's electricity liberalised market since 2004. In June 2013, the company was wound up and split into Naturgy Comercializadora and Naturgy Servicios. They currently have customer service offices in Lisbon and Porto. 

Additionally, we have made specific deliveries of LNG in the country.


Naturgy in Portugal

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