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ReUseHeat is a European innovation project based on  heat recovery in urban environments that encompasses up to 16 different partners across Europe It is being funded by the EU Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 Programme under the 767429 subsidy contract, which aims to engage joint action to improve energy efficiency, decarbonisation and the penetration of renewable energies. This project will take place over the next four years.

Naturgy’ involvement in the project consists of a pilot scheme at the La Paz University Hospital in Madrid in partnership with the GNS-Veolia Joint Venture and the hospital itself, in which the benefits of a recovery system for the heat produced by the hospital’s cooling system will be assessed.  Besides Madrid, there will be other pilot schemes in Brunswick (recovery of heat from data processing centres), Nice (recovery of heat from wastewater) and Bucharest (recovery of heat in metro stations).
Specifically, the demonstration project being conducted in Madrid consists of harnessing the residual heat in cold air production equipment to power a high-temperature heat pump. This equipment produces heat at a sufficiently high useful temperature for use in the hospital’s thermal circuit, which distributes hot water to all buildings in the complex. Below is a small diagram of the proposed solution:
Infographic about the heat circuit in the ReUseHeat project


This project aims to study the availability of residual heat in the various cities taking part, analyse the various use cases and conduct pilot tests in each city. Once the real results are available, they will be analysed and assessed to enable the study of its large-scale reproducibility. All this is being sought by:

 Integration of low-polluting sources in heat networks
 The use of heat that is currently being wasted 
 The promotion of energy efficiency in cities



Dual saving

The production of heat will be much more efficient by harnessing residual heat.
The consumption of water and energy needed by the dissipation circuit will be reduced

As an added value, the hospital will continue providing services more sustainably and will contribute to technological innovation for energy saving. 

Generally speaking, the experience from these four pilot schemes will provide guidance for future investors and developers working on this kind of project, and will support the future use of surplus urban heat.

This will accelerate market acceptance of this sort of solution. 


The ReUseHeat project is being funded by the EU Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 Programme.

It is being led by Naturgy in partnership with Veolia.
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