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Our Environment Policy

We foster the sustainable development of society by guaranteeing a supply of eco-friendly, safe and competitive energy to our customers. We are committed to being a key player in the energy transition towards a circular economy, low-carbon and digital model by working on our four strategic pillars. 

Climate change and energy transition

We believe that the energy transition is an opportunity to help our customers use energy more efficiently and sustainably. 

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Circular economy and eco-efficiency

We promote the circular economy to improve our consumption and development model. 
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Natural capital and biodiversity 

We ensure compatibility between our business and the conservation of biodiversity and natural capital. 
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Environmental management and governance

We have the tools, organisation and rigorous working procedures to ensure compliance with our commitments. 

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Environment Policy and  2018-2022 Plan


Facts that support our commitment

* 2019 data
** Evolution in 2019 compared to 2017
*** Cumulative 2019

Environmental reports

Corporate Responsibility Report

2019 Carbon footprint Report

Huella de carbono
2017-2019 Biodiversity Report    

Informe Biodiversidad
ISO 14.001 Certificate

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