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COVID-19 initiatives

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Our initiatives for taking on the health crisis

  • Naturgy has been launching a series of rapid initiatives intended for its clients, employees and shareholders during these exceptionally adverse times for the entire population.


With society


 Free electrical and gas repairs for health staff, security forces, members of the military emergency unit and fire fighters

Naturgy offers an electricity and gas breakdown repair service, as well as an electrical and gas appliance repair service, free of charge for one year to the professionals involved on the front line of the fight against the pandemic, whether they are customers or not. The free service is for over 1,000,000 people and will last until June 2021.

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  Donation of more than one million euros for purchasing medical equipment

The Naturgy employees, together with the company's own contribution, have made a donation to the Red Cross worth €1.1 million in response this humanitarian organisation’s call to carry out different projects that contribute to helping during the Covid-19 crisis. This entire amount will be used for purchasing personal protection equipment and volumetric ventilators with expendable material, which will be assigned to health centres in Spain. 

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 Free gas supply to IFEMA
From 30 March, Naturgy will be supplying free gas to the IFEMA fairground that the Community of Madrid, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Spanish Military Emergency Unit (UME), has transformed into Spain’s largest hospital, with the aim of it becoming the great retaining wall against the Coronavirus..

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Free provision of electricity and gas to hotels and residences that make their facilities available to the Public Health Care Service

Naturgy is putting itself at the service of society in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. It will be offering free electricity and gas supplies to hotels and residences that put their facilities at the disposal of the Public Health Care Service so it can expand its number of available beds and deal with the increased number of hospitalisations arising from this pandemic. The company has already signed its first agreement with one of its big clients, the Hotusa group, to which the Eurostar chain belongs, to provide it with free energy at the Plaza de Castilla hotel in Madrid. The company is joining forces with the hotel group to facilitate healthcare management and enable new places to be fitted out for hospitalisations, ensuring energy supplies and comfort in the facilities.

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 Enjoyable and fun teaching resources on energy for the family

The Naturgy Foundation has made Efigy Education teaching resources available in digital format and free of charge. This is an educational programme used across Spain throughout the academic year by primary and secondary school teachers, as well as for training cycles.

These digital resources allow for a wide range of possible activities so that children, teenagers and adults can play, experiment and learn from those eager to spread scientific findings, like Luis Quevedo and Dani Jimenez, with topics such as energy transition, the circular economy, sustainability, efficient construction, energy efficiency, air quality and new energy technologies.

Options include both digital content, for enjoyable learning using online applications, and downloadable resources with activities that can be done at home.

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Efigy Education Digital.

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With our clients

 Deferment of electricity, gas and service bills for domestic customers

Naturgy will postpone the payment of electricity, gas and service bills for all domestic customers issued from now on. The aim is to mitigate the effect of the virus on the family economy, in the light of increased domestic consumption as a result of the population confinement measures ordered by the government in an attempt to flatten the curve of cases in this pandemic.

The company has now extended this initiative to its more than four million domestic customers with liberalised tariffs, after initially establishing it for SMEs and freelancers.

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 Free medical assistance
During these months, Naturgy is providing all its clients with free medical assistance through videocalls, so that citizens can make health enquiries without having to leave home. The company is therefore continuing to work in its commitment to help to contain the spread of the Coronavirus and in line with the ‘Yo me quedo en casa’ (I’m staying at home) initiative launched by the Spanish Ministry of Health.
Enquiries can be made every day of the week, 24 hours a day, from the telephone helpline, webpage and online app. This service includes first-step medical information in emergency cases, medication and dosages for paediatrics and general medicine. In case of emergency, the 112 service will be called so it can send an ambulance within Spain.

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 Deferred bill payments for SMEs and freelancers                   
Naturgy will be deferring its electricity and gas bills to SMEs and freelancers which are issued from now on so that business people and entrepreneurs can deal with the Coronavirus crisis and to help to mitigate its impact on their income. More specifically, bills to SMEs, micro-SMEs, freelancers and small businesses that are covered by the new aid plan can be paid during the second half of the year. Naturgy will be bearing the cost of these bills during these months, funding its clients for 6 months free of interest, and thereby enabling flexibility in energy bill payments..

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  Critical-infrastructure strengthening 
Naturgy has stepped up its action protocol’s measures against the Coronavirus in all its critical infrastructures to guarantee energy supplies in response to the exceptional situation the country is seeing. It therefore has all the necessary operations prepared following the health alert declared by the Spanish government.
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 No cuts in power supplies    
Naturgy pledges that its vulnerable clients will not have their electricity and gas supplies cut while the health alert continues throughout the country.
 Strengthened emergency assistance

Naturgy will continue to provide its services, with all the necessary material and human resources, to attend to emergency incidents and alerts and guarantee electricity and gas are supplied as normally as usual. In addition, extra protective measures have been put in place for all employees providing these services.

 Energy saving advice

Naturgy provides its clients with advice on the best rates for each case, taking into account the situation’s particular features.

Furthermore, clients have a series of energy saving tips they can apply during these exceptional days. 


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  Adapted Customer Service.
Naturgy has temporarily closed its shops and suspended its preventive maintenance visits, in accordance with the instructions of the National Alert Plan. Even so, the company has stepped up all its remote assistance resources and will continue its work to attend to your needs::

on its website's Customer Area and on social networks, or by telephone:

Customer care: 900 100 25

Contracting: 900 649 250

Servigas Emergencies, Emergencias Servigas, Servielectric, Servihoga: 900 40 80 80

With our employees and collaborators


Employees from various areas and all the countries our company operates in have been keen to share how they work on social networks, from critical positions, to ensure that energy is supplied to every home and key infrastructure. Their aim then has been to launch messages of support, whether from their field work or from their remote work place, to convey what their daily work is like while they ensure power supplies and highlight the importance of energy. 

You can follow this campaign on our social networks.  

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 Special plan for its workers

Naturgy has directly instructed all its employees to work from home, except for staff performing critical energy-supply operations. This measure was taken as an extra precaution to safeguard the health and safety of our collaborators and their families, while guaranteeing the correct activity of its business and corporation operations to meet this service.
In addition, it has also made its working times more flexible for all its workers, enabling them to adapt working times and days according to the specific work-life balance of each employee.

 Extra protective collaborating-company measures

Naturgy has extended the measures contained in its specific health and safety plan to all its collaborating companies during this health crisis.

 Upfront payments for services provided by SMEs and freelancers

Naturgy will advance the payment of invoices corresponding to the second quarter of this year, which will be paid upfront, to SMEs and freelance suppliers involved in the company’s operations in Spain. The aim of this measure is to mitigate the economic impact that the current health situation in Spain is having on the day-to-day business of these suppliers, as well as to strengthen their liquidity at this time.

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With our shareholders

 Deferred General Meeting of Shareholders
Naturgy decided to defer its General Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders that was meant to have been held on 17 March, to protect the health and safety of all its shareholders, collaborators and employees.

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