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    • 14-03-2019 Press release

      “The economy will be 33% more productive from an energy point of view”, says Michael Liebreich

      SpainNaturgy Foundation

      The Naturgy Foundation held the first of its ‘Energy Prospectives’ events earlier this morning at the IESE Business School in Madrid with the expert in energy transition and mobility, and founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Michael Liebreich, and the former Minister for Industry and Energy, Claudio Aranzadi.
    • 12-03-2019 Press release

      Paul Simons, IEA: “The Paris Agreement will require significant effort in energy efficiency and renewable energy”

      Spain, Naturgy Foundation

      Today, the Deputy Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Paul Simons, took part in the ‘Transiciones energéticas. Un reto mundial’ seminar, which was organised by the Naturgy Foundation in Madrid, and the Secretary of State for Energy, José Domínguez Abascal, participated in the opening ceremony.
    • 22-02-2019 Press release

      “We shouldn’t have one all-encompassing online solution for everyone in customer relations”, says Amber Case

      Spain,  Naturgy Foundation

      The Naturgy Foundation held the first of a new series of Talks on conferences with the cyborg anthropologist, Amber Case, at the Casa de América in Madrid. She spoke about ‘Calm Technology and the Future of the Energy Sector’.
    • 21-02-2019 Press release

      Naturgy Foundation and Junior Achievement Foundation unite so secondary schoolchildren can learn to manage natural resources responsibly

      Spain,  Naturgy Foundation 

      More than 35 volunteers from the Naturgy Foundation will train second- and third-year pupils in secondary education as part of the new “Managing my Energy” education programme that has been launched in partnership with the Junior Achievement Foundation.
    • 19-02-2019 Press release

      To date, the Naturgy Foundation’s Energy School has trained more than 11,000 people in Spain

      Spain Naturgy Foundation

      The Naturgy Foundation’s Energy School has trained more than 11,000 people over the last 18 months, including energy vulnerable families and staff from community sector organisations and public authorities throughout Spain. The school has offered more than 1,000 energy consultancy sessions in 10 autonomous regions of Spain.
    • 05-02-2019 Press release

      Renewable gas becomes key instrument in the sustainable and circular economy

      Spain,  Naturgy Foundation,  Enviroment and Sustainability
      In partnership with the Regional Government of Castile and Leon, the Naturgy Foundation organised a conference in Valladolid this morning on renewable gas and its role as part of the circular economy in the energy sector. Institutional, business and university experts from various fields shared experiences and knowledge on the use of renewable gas and its role in the circular economy.
    • 19-12-2018 Press release

      Spanish households could reduce their energy bills by 27% by improving consumption habits and equipment

      Naturgy FoundationEnergy efficiency

      This morning, the Naturgy Foundation published the results of the latest edition of the Household Energy Efficiency Index. This study shows that Spaniards could reduce their energy bills by 27.4% by improving their habits and equipment.. In this sense, Spanish households could make savings of 4,352 million euros on energy bills each year by slightly modifying their use and customs. 
    • 17-10-2018 Press release

      Naturgy Foundation sets up solidarity fund for energy-related renovations in energy-vulnerable households

      Energy efficiencyNaturgy Foundation

      Earlier today, the Naturgy Foundation set up the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund aimed at financing improvements in the homes of groups at risk of vulnerability, initially in the regions of Galicia, Catalonia and Madrid.
    • 03-10-2018 Press release

      The Naturgy Foundation and Caritas join ECODES and ANERR to train unemployed people in home saving techniques and energy efficiency

      Naturgy Foundation, Spain

      Today, the Naturgy Foundation, Cáritas Diocesana de Santiago – Interparroquial A Coruña, the National Association of Renovation and Rehabilitation Companies (ANERR) and the Ecology and Development Foundation (ECODES) signed a partnership agreement to develop a training project for unemployed people to show them about energy efficiency and how to save money in the home.
    • 25-09-2018 Press release

      La Rioja to welcome the Energytruck, the Naturgy Foundation travelling exhibition about energy

      SpainNaturgy Foundation

      The Naturgy Foundations’ travelling exhibition about energy is coming to La Rioja this week. The Energytruck will be in the El Silo area in Calahorra until 26 September and is free to visit between 9am – 2pm, and 4pm – 7pm. It will then be in Estella, Navarre from Thursday 27 September onwards.

    • 19-07-2018 Press release

      The Naturgy Foundation and Caritas renew their collaboration after attending to more than 7,000 people in Spain

      Naturgy Foundation, Spain

      The Deputy Chairman of the Naturgy Foundation and Managing Director of Communication and Institutional Relations of the energy company, Jordi Garcia Tabernero; the Chairman of Caritas, Manuel Bretón; and the Managing Director of the Foundation, Martí Solà, today renewed the collaboration agreement to help groups at risk of energy vulnerability in Spain. 

    • 13-07-2018 Press release

      The new energy consumer insists on transparency, reasonable prices and sustainable use

      Naturgy Foundation, Spain

      This week, in Barcelona, the Naturgy Foundation organised the 13th edition of “Els Juliols”, a summer course held in collaboration with the University of Barcelona (UB) where the theme this year was ‘The new energy consumer’. Over the course of five days, 12 experts from various fields linked to technology, economics, society, science and communication analysed the profile of the new energy consumer and their concerns and interests in the current energy model.
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