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    • 14-03-2018 Press release

      Nedgia Cegas and ASEIF have been working in collaboration on the expansion of natural gas for 10 years

      Gas BusinessSpain

      The President of ASEIF (the Valencia Association of Plumbing, Heating, Gas and Other Fluid Installers), Francisco Alonso, and the General Manager of Nedgia Cegas, Celestina López, have renewed the agreement under which the power company will maintain its position as a partner of this business association. The two entities have been working together for 10 years on promoting the use of natural gas as an environmentally-friendly source of energy that brings efficiency and competitiveness to industrial sectors in the Region of Valencia.
    • 06-03-2018 Press release

      NEDGIA Castilla-La Mancha and ASETIFE to work together on natural gas expansion

      Spain, Gas Business, Nedgia

      Germán Jara, NEDGIA Castilla-La Mancha Delegate in Toledo and Guadalajara, and Antonio Pantoja, Chairman of the Toledo Association of Fluid and Power Installation Companies (ASETIFE), have signed a partnership agreement to work together on the development of natural gas infrastructures in the region and on activities to improve the information and training offered to stakeholders in the sector.
    • 15-01-2018 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa launches Nedgia, the new brand for its gas distribution business in Spain

      Corporate, Gas Business, Spain

      GAS NATURAL FENOSA has launched NEDGIA, the new brand for all of its gas distribution activity in Spain, and initiates a new phase focused on the growth and transformation of its activity, with the aim of bringing well-being to of 10.7 million users (through over 5.3 million supply points throughout the country).
    • 13-10-2017 Nota de prensa

      Gas Natural Fenosa reached an agreement today with 2i Rete Gas and Edison on the sale of its distribution companies and assets in Italy

      Gas Business, International

      GAS NATURAL FENOSA closed the sale of its companies and assets in Italy today in separate agreements with the companies 2i Rete Gas S.p.A. and Edison S.p.A. for a total amount of 1.02 billion euros.
    • 03-08-2017 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa sells 20% of natural gas distribution business in Spain to Allianz Capital Partners and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board for 1.5 billion euros

      Corporate, FinancialGas Business

      Gas Natural Fenosa has signed an agreement to sell a minority stake of 20% in the company that owns the natural gas distribution assets in Spain (GNDB) to a consortium of long-term infrastructure investors made up by Allianz Capital Partners (ACP) and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB).
    • 01-03-2017 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa and Baleària officially launch Spain’s first natural-gas engine for passenger boats, in the Port of Barcelona

      Gas Business, LNG, Spain

      GAS NATURAL FENOSA and Baleària officially launch today Spain’s first natural gas engine for passenger boats, in the Port of Barcelona. Both companies have fostered the development and installation of the auxiliary engine and a 30 m3 tank of liquefied natural gas (LNG) (which can operate for one week) on the ferry Abel Matutes owned by Baleària, which operates a daily Barcelona-Palma de Mallorca route.
    • 21-12-2016 Press kit

      20th Anniversary of the Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline

      Gas Business, International

      The Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline began operating in November 1996, so in 2016 this major infrastructure is now celebrating its 20th anniversary as one of the main gateways for gas coming into Spain.

    • 15-12-2015 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa to invest 700 million dollars in Chile over five years to bring natural gas to 500,000 new homes

      America, Gas Business

      The Chairman of GAS NATURAL FENOSA, Salvador Gabarró, and the Managing Director of the multinational and also Chairman of CGE, Rafael Villaseca, presented the gas infrastructure plan to the President of Chile,Michelle Bachelet. Through the distribution companies Metrogas and GasSur, the Spanish power company will invest 700 million dollars (635 million euros) over the next five years to bring a natural gas supply to seven new regions in the country, as well as expand its use in those areas where it already operates.

    • 09-02-2015 Press release

      The President of Galicia and the Chairman of Gas Natural Fenosa today opened the A Mariña Lucense gas pipeline

      Gas Business, Spain

      The President of the Xunta of Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, and the Chairman of GAS NATURAL FENOSA, Salvador Gabarró, today opened the A Mariña Lucense gas pipeline by symbolically opening the valve in San Cibrao-Cervo. 

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