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    • 31-10-2018 Press release

      Global Power Generation (Naturgy Group) has made two bond issues in Brazil to finance its photovoltaic plants


      The issue, for a total amount of 265 million Brazilian Reais, will be used to repay expenses, costs and debts incurred for the construction of the Sertão I Solar and Sobral I Solar plants, which have a joint power generation capacity of 68 MW. These are two of the first issues with these features carried out in Brazil for the financing photovoltaic plants, although it is a common way of financing wind-power and transmission projects.
    • 25-10-2018 Press release

      Francisco Reynés explains the keys to transforming organisations at XVII CEDE Executives Conference

      Corporate, Spain

      The Chairman & CEO of Naturgy, Francisco Reynés, took part earlier today in the XVII Executives Conference organised by the CEDE Foundation (Spanish Confederation of Directors and Executives) in Palma de Mallorca. In his talk, entitled The Transformation of Organisations, Francisco Reynés described the current challenges being faced by companies in their transformation process and in adapting to ever-changing environments.
    • 23-10-2018 Press release

      The Naturgy DirectLinkLNG system was awarded the best international innovation technology project of the year

      Corporate, International

      The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) has recognised the DirectLinkLNG project developed by Naturgy as the “2018 Innovative energy project of the year”, an award that recognises the most innovative project in the global energy sector and which was awarded to a company from outside the USA for the first time.
    • 18-10-2018 Press release

      Joaquín Mendiluce, New Business Manager at Naturgy, appointed as Chairman of Gasnam

      Appointments, Spain

      The New Business Manager of Naturgy, Joaquín Mendiluce, was appointed as Chairman of the Iberian Association for Gas-powered Mobility (GASNAM) earlier today. The Board of Directors of the organisation ratified his appointment as chairman today, in representation of Naturgy and replacing José Ramón Freire, who had held the post since the association was set up in 2013.
    • 17-10-2018 Press release

      Naturgy Foundation sets up solidarity fund for energy-related renovations in energy-vulnerable households

      Energy efficiencyNaturgy Foundation

      Earlier today, the Naturgy Foundation set up the Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund aimed at financing improvements in the homes of groups at risk of vulnerability, initially in the regions of Galicia, Catalonia and Madrid.
    • 16-10-2018 Press release

      Andrés Montero, new General Manager of NEDGIA Galicia

      Appointments, Corporate

      NEDGIA, the natural gas distribution company of the Naturgy group, has appointed Andrés Montero as the new General Manager of NEDGIA Galicia, its subsidiary in this region of Spain. Andrés Montero replaces Raquel Vallejo in the position, who will now go on to run the Operations Department of NEDGIA in the central and southern zones.
    • 11-10-2018 Press release

      The Merengue wind farm receives its first wind turbines

      Renewables, Spain

      This morning, the components of the first wind turbines for the Merengue Wind Farm started to arrive at the site where the wind farm will be constructed. It will be made up of Siemens Gamesa G126 model wind turbines. These have a 2.625 MW unit capacity, with a hub height of 84 metres and a rotor diameter of 126 metres.
    • 03-10-2018 Press release

      The Naturgy Foundation and Caritas join ECODES and ANERR to train unemployed people in home saving techniques and energy efficiency

      Naturgy Foundation, Spain

      Today, the Naturgy Foundation, Cáritas Diocesana de Santiago – Interparroquial A Coruña, the National Association of Renovation and Rehabilitation Companies (ANERR) and the Ecology and Development Foundation (ECODES) signed a partnership agreement to develop a training project for unemployed people to show them about energy efficiency and how to save money in the home.
    • 28-09-2018 Press release

      Naturgy starts work on building two new photovoltaic plants in the Ciudad Real province

      Spain, Corporate, Renewables

      Naturgy has started construction work on Picón I and Picón II, two new photovoltaic solar energy plants in the Ciudad Real province, more specifically in Porzuna, out of the three planned in the company’s project for this town. These facilities both have a peak capacity of 50 MWp and consist of 151,452 modules.

    • 26-09-2018 Press release

      Naturgy and Fiat Professional have joined forces to drive the development of sustainable mobility

      CSR,  CorporateVehicular natural gas

      The Director of Mobility Projects at Naturgy, Alfonso del Río, and the Brand Country Manager at Fiat Professional, Raffele Brustia, signed a strategic agreement between the two companies earlier today aimed at promoting joint innovation projects and spreading the use of natural gas in the Spanish mobility sector.

    • 25-09-2018 Press release

      La Rioja to welcome the Energytruck, the Naturgy Foundation travelling exhibition about energy

      SpainNaturgy Foundation

      The Naturgy Foundations’ travelling exhibition about energy is coming to La Rioja this week. The Energytruck will be in the El Silo area in Calahorra until 26 September and is free to visit between 9am – 2pm, and 4pm – 7pm. It will then be in Estella, Navarre from Thursday 27 September onwards.

    • 19-09-2018 Press release

      Raquel Vallejo, new General Manager of NEDGIA Castilla-La Mancha


      NEDGIA, the natural gas distribution company of the Naturgy group, has appointed Raquel Vallejo as the new General Manager of NEDGIA Castilla-La Mancha, its subsidiary in the autonomous region, to replace Miguel Martín, who will go on to run the National Large Consumption Accounts Department of NEDGIA.
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