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    • 28-05-2018 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa and Grupo Disfrimur sign an agreement for the installation of two new gas refuelling stations to supply gas to hauliers along the Mediterranean Corridor

      Spain, Vehicular natural gas, LNG
      The Energy Solutions Marketing Director at Gas Natural Fenosa, Alberto Fariza, and the General Manager of Grupo Disfrimur, Juan Jesús Sánchez, have today signed an agreement for the installation of two new natural gas refuelling stations in Molida de Segura (Murcia) and Antequera (Malaga) in an event at the Grupo Disfrimur headquarters attended by the group’s Financial Director, Isabel Sánchez; the General Director of Energy and Industrial and Mining Activity of the Region of Murcia, Esther Marín; and the mayor of Molina de Segura, Esther Clavero.
    • 29-05-2018 Press release

      Nedgia Castilla-La Mancha renews its support for the cultural activities of Teatro Rojas in Toledo


      Toledo Mayor, Milagros Tolón, and NEDGIA Castilla-La Mancha Managing Director, Miguel Martín de Pinto, signed a collaboration agreement today renewing the energy company’s exclusive sponsorship of several cultural activities organised by the Teatro Rojas Municipal Trust throughout 2018. 

    • 23-05-2018 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa Renovables begins building the largest solar photovoltaic plant in Toledo

      Spain, Corporate, Renewables

      The Carpio de Tajo photovoltaic plant, in the small town of El Carpio de Tajo, will have 158,400 modules and 50 megawatts (MW) of power. It will produce about 90 GWh a year, which is equivalent to the annual consumption of 36,000 homes.

    • 22-05-2018 Press release

      Nauticor and Gas Natural Fenosa conduct the first LNG bunkering of the tanker ‘Fure Vinga’ in Europe

      Spain, LNG

      Today saw the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering operation on the tanker Fure Vinga, owned by Furetank, in Europe. The vessel received 120 tonnes of this environmentally-friendly fuel from six LNG tanker trucks during an operation that took place at the Port of Cartagena.​

    • 18-05-2018 Press release

      Board of Directors of Gas Natural Fenosa appoints Javier de Jaime, José Antonio Torre de Silva and Juan Arbide as proprietary directors

      Appointments, Corporate

      After selling the shares in GAS NATURAL SDG S.A. owned by Repsol, S.A. to RIOJA BIDCO SHAREHOLDINGS, S.L.U., the company’s Board of Directors agreed at its session on 17 May 2018 to appoint the following people as proprietary directors via the cooptation system until the next General Shareholders' Meeting.

    • 10-05-2018 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa and InCom-UAB renew agreement for the 10th ‘Report on Communication in Catalonia’

      Corporate, Sponsorships

      The General Manager for Communication and Institutional Relations of Gas Natural Fenosa, Jordi Garcia Tabernero, and the Vice-Chancellor of Autonomous University of Barcelona, Margarita Arboix Arzo, signed the agreement under which the power company remains a sponsor of the Report on Communication in Catalonia for the tenth consecutive edition. Gas Natural Fenosa sponsors this report, which has been a major benchmark in terms of communication in Catalonia since its first edition in 2000.
    • 08-05-2018 Press release

      A school in San Clemente (Cuenca) and a pupil from Tarazona de la Mancha (Albacete) win Fungastic education contest by Nedgia

      Nedgia, Spain

      NEDGIA Castilla-La Mancha, the Gas Natural Fenosa group’s gas distribution company in the region, rewarded the Rafael López de Haro Pre-school and Primary Education School in San Clemente (Cuenca) and the pupil Rosa Matoque Tovar from CEIP Eduardo Sanchez in Tarazona de La Mancha (Albacete) with prizes from the Fungastic Education Programme drawing contest, aimed at promoting knowledge and awareness about best practices in natural gas consumption in the home among primary schoolchildren around the country.
    • 07-05-2018 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa and ATA sign an agreement to develop energy efficiency among self-employed workers

      Spain, Energy efficiency

      Gas Natural Servicios and the National Federation of Associations of Self-employed Workers have signed an agreement to provide members of this federation with a wide offer of energy, services and energy solutions aimed at improving the energy efficiency of self-employed workers.

    • 03-05-2018 Press release

      Nedgia Castilla-La Mancha will once again sponsor the FEDETO awards

      Spain, Nedgia

      The Chairman of the Toledo Federation of Business Leaders, FEDETO CEOE-Cepyme, Ángel Nicolás, and the General Manager of Nedgia Castilla-La Mancha, Miguel Martín de Pinto, signed a contract earlier today under which the power company will be the only sponsor from the energy sector for the 22nd FEDETO Business Awards.

    • 26-04-2018 Press release

      Gas Natural Fenosa posts net profit of 320 million euros, up 7.4%, and EBITDA of 1.05 billion euros to March

      Corporate, Financial

      GAS NATURAL FENOSA posted a net profit of 320 million euros, up 7.4% on the same period of the previous year. It also posted an EBITDA of 1.05 billion euros between January and March, representing an increase of 2.7% on the first quarter of 2017.

    • 23-04-2018 Press release

      Unión Fenosa Distribución has invested 259 million euros over the last five years to strengthen electricity supply in Castile-La Mancha

      SpainElectricity business

      Unión Fenosa Distribución has invested 259 million euros between 2013 and 2017 to maintain and strengthen its electricity infrastructures in Castile-La Mancha” said Javier Delage, Director of Unión Fenosa Distribución in Castile-La Mancha. 

    • 18-04-2018 Press release

      Nedgia Castilla-La Mancha and the town council of Talavera reinforce their efforts to promote the use of gas in the town

      Gas Business, Nedgia, Spain

      Today, the Mayor of Talavera de la Reina, Jaime Ramos, and the General Manager of Nedgia Castilla-La Mancha, Miguel Martín de Pinto, held a working meeting at the municipality’s Town Hall in the province of Toledo which was also attended by the energy company’s provincial delegate, Germán Jara.
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