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    • 31-05-2019 Press release

      In partnership with the start-up in Navarre, FuVeX, UFD is making the first drone flight beyond line of sight over an electricity grid in Spain

      Spain, Electricity business

      UFD, an electricity distribution subsidiary of Naturgy, has entered a partnership with the start-up in Navarre, FuVeX, which has developed an aircraft with a patented design, to enable its power lines to be inspected more efficiently and eliminating the safety risks for operators.
    • 28-05-2019 Press release

      The Naturgy Foundation and the Roure Foundation renew their collaboration to double the vulnerable homes refurbished so far

      Naturgy FoundationSpain

      The Naturgy Foundation and the Roure Foundation have successfully refurbished 11 homes of vulnerable families in Barcelona, and have agreed to double that figure in the coming months. The refurbishment is carried out with the resources that the Naturgy Foundation’s Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund puts at the disposal of social entities so they can improve the home energy efficiency of the most disadvantaged sectors of the population.
    • 23-05-2019 Press release

      GPG (Naturgy Group) and Vision sign a funding agreement for the construction of a 180 MW wind farm in Australia

      Renewables, International

      GPG, the international power generation subsidiary of the Naturgy Group, has signed a funding agreement worth up to $284 million Australian dollars (€176 million) with VISION, a funding vehicle for land-based wind farms which was founded in collaboration with institutional investors advised by JP Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM) and Vestas Wind Systems.
    • 23-05-2019 Press release

      Naturgy is awarded the largest wind power project in the Canary Islands: the Puerto del Rosario wind farm in Fuerteventura

      Spain, Generation

      Naturgy will construct a new renewables facility, the Puerto del Rosario Wind Farm, on the island of Fuerteventura, which will have an installed capacity of 29.2 MW. The company will invest €39.3 million in the project, which will consist of eight 3.65 MW wind turbines. This facility was included in the new wind-power auction of 217 MW held by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition in December, during which the company was awarded 184 MW. This means Naturgy has become the second contractor in terms of assigned power. 
    • 20-05-2019 Press release

      Naturgy launches Superpacks, the first offer in the energy sector to include energy and services

      Customers, Spain
      Today, Naturgy launched the Superpacks campaign making it the first example of combined packages sold in the energy sector. This means customers can choose “bespoke” packages, depending on their equipment repair and maintenance needs and their gas and electricity consumption, for a fixed monthly price for the entire package.
    • 17-05-2019 Press release

      Naturgy sponsors the 6th edition of the Noche Abierta in Plasencia

      Corporate, Sponsorships

      The mayor of Plasencia, Fernando Pizarro, and the head of renewable project development at Naturgy in Extremadura, Ana Ruiz, have signed a partnership agreement through which the multinational power company will be a sponsor of the Noche Abierta in Plasencia for the second year in a row.
    • 16-05-2019 Press release

      The Naturgy Foundation reaches an agreement with Accem for the energy rehabilitation of homes of families at risk of social exclusion

      Spain, Naturgy Foundation

      “The Naturgy Foundation and Accem will collaborate in order to improve energy efficiency in the homes of the families at risk of social exclusion and that are assisted by the NGO. Thanks to the resources provided by Naturgy’s Energy Rehabilitation Solidarity Fund, actions will be able to be carried out in 15 homes.

    • 13-05-2019 Press release

      The Naturgy Foundation to carry out the energy refurbishment of vulnerable homes belonging to the Tengo Hogar Foundation.

      SpainNaturgy Foundation

      The Naturgy and Tengo Hogar foundations are working together to improve energy efficiency in the homes of vulnerable families, thanks to the resources of the Naturgy Foundation’s Energy Renovation Solidarity Fund.
    • 08-05-2019 Press release

      Nathalie Roebbel (WHO): “Urban pollution causes seven million premature deaths a year”

      International, Naturgy Foundation

      “The combined effects of outdoor and domestic air pollution cause around seven million premature deaths every year due to an increase in cerebrovascular accidents, heart diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections.” At a seminar organised by the Naturgy Foundation in Brussels, the coordinator for Air Pollution and Urban Health at the WHO, Nathalie Roebbel, used these figures to warn of the consequences of air quality in cities.
    • 03-05-2019 Press release

      The Energy Cluster of Extremadura visits the Merengue Wind Farm, the first wind farm in Extremadura

      Spain, Renewables

      Yesterday, the members of the Energy Cluster of Extremadura Management Board visited Naturgy's Merengue Wind Farm, which is now fully operational. After meeting in Plasencia, the Management Board went to the wind power facility to take a guided tour led by Ana Ruiz, the head of project development for Naturgy in Extremadura.
    • 02-05-2019 Press release

      Naturgy opens the first public vehicular natural gas refuelling station in Mataró

      Spain, Vehicular natural gas
      Naturgy has opened the first public vehicular natural gas refuelling station in the city of Mataró. It is located in the Les Hortes industrial park, strategically located close to dealerships of the leading brands that market vehicles powered by CNG and companies with large fleets.
    • 30-04-2019 Press release

      Naturgy Reports Solid Operating Results in First Quarter: Significant progress in the implementation of Strategic Plan


      Naturgy reported today a robust start to 2019, with continued momentum in the implementation of its Strategic Plan, that included gaining value for shareholders and a firm commitment to renewable energies, which shows the solid industrial plan of the group.
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