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Conventional power generation



Our conventional power generation capacity offers the required flexibility to adapt to different market situations

Combined cycles
 9,8 GW
 0,6 GW
 0,2 GW

Combined cycles

Combined cycles
  7.4 GW in Spain
  2,4 GW in México

Backing renewables

We make the most of the potential of natural gas to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, replacing more polluting fossils and providing, through power generation in combined cycle power plants, the necessary support that allows the rapid entry of renewable energies. 

This penetration of renewable energies in the system has been favoured by the more than 9,800 MW of installed capacity of our combined cycles, the most eco-efficient conventional thermal technology that acts as a backup for renewable generation when there is a lack of water, wind or sun.



Naturgy Nuclear Power Plant
  0.6 GW in Spain 
Broad experience
We have more than 50 years of experience managing and operating nuclear power plants. We have been present in the Spanish nuclear sector since 1968. We currently hold shares of 11.3% in the Almaraz nuclear power plant (Cáceres) and 34.5% in the Trillo plant (Guadalajara).

Nuclear engineering

Nuclear power is reliable and forms a useful part of the strategy to combat climate change set out by the EU as it does not emit greenhouse gases.

Nuclear Security Council

World Nuclear Association

Nuclear Forum

Nuclear Power Plants Almaraz-Trillo

Management criteria for nuclear assets


 0.2 GW in the Dominican Republic 

Our commitment
As part of our commitment to the environment and in line with the objectives of European and Spanish regulatory policy to move towards the decarbonisation of the system, we are in the process of dismantling our thermal power plants in Spain to reduce the environmental impact of our activity.

We were the first energy company to present the request to close all its coal-fired plants in Spain at the end of 2018, within this strategy of commitment to energy transition and renewable generation. The closure of these plants is part of a new, more demanding and efficient regulatory context and forms part of our commitment to sustainability and the necessary transition to a cleaner and more efficient energy and economic model.

Climate change
Thermal Power Plant

Renewable generation technologies

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