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We are committed to gas as energy for a sustainable transition




Benefits of natural gas



It is a clean, safe energy source

Minimal carbon footprint

It ensures an efficient energy supply

Lower cost in kWh than diesel, propane and fuel oil

It has the least environmental impact of any fossil fuel


At Naturgy, we participate in the entire gas value chain

Gas value chain


We have a flexible, diversified and competitive supply portfolio

30-bcm gas portfolio

A portfolio that allows us to offer security of supply and uphold our commitment to our customers

Unique and integrated infrastructure

Our infrastructure includes the management of gas pipelinesand our own fleet of eight LNG tankers
International presence
Our international and diversified supply and market portfolio allows us to maximise profit while minimising risk

Highly flexible and secure gas supply and transportation

 Europe - Maghreb (EMPL) and Medgaz gas pipelines

Map of international gas pipeline connections with the Iberian Peninsula.

 International projects

Our supply and regasification projects include infrastructure and activity in different parts of the world.

Natural gas supply and infrastructure and Medgaz gas pipeline
Puerto Rico
NG/LNG infrastructure (regasification plant) 
Natural gas infrastructure and Europe - Maghreb gas pipeline
NG/LNG supply and infrastructure


We distribute in the domestic commercial market and in the industrial market with large customers

Illustration of a Naturgy van in front of a home and a building
  • We distribute natural gas inside and outside of Spain.
  • We are market leaders in Spain and Latin America.
  • We have 133,917 km of gas distribution network

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More than 11 million customers have chosen us as their supply company

Illustration about us networks
  • We work in the retail and wholesale segments. 
  • As a supply company, we are present in countries all over the world.
  • In Spain, we are the leading energy marketer.

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