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The largest integrated gas and electricity company in Spain


We are present in the  electricity and gas businesses, from  production to distribution and marketing

Our business model stands out for being a leader in the gas sector and a benchmark in the power sector, in both cases guaranteeing a regular supply of gas and electricity. This is essential for providing a quality service and fulfilling the company’s social function, while at the same time providing a wide range of value-added services and promoting sustainable innovation as an engine for development.
renewable generation: wind, solar and hydro
Wind, solar and hydropower generation
In Spain, USAMexico, Panama, AustraliaBrazil, Chile and Costa Rica

power generation: combined cycle, thermal, nuclear
 4.7 million supply points
153,981 km of electricity distribution network

11 million supply points
 135.640​ km of gas distribution network

With global presence

We are present in more than 20 countries and are active in the generation, supply, distribution and marketing of gas and electricity worldwide.
Map with the countries in which Naturgy is present.

​Exploration, transport, distribution and marketing of gas and electricity.
Generation: combined cycle, nuclear, hydropower, solar, cogeneration, mini hidropower and wind.

> Rest of Europe

LNG/NG marketing.
Marketing of electricity.
Regasification Montoir.

​LNG/NG procurement and infrastructure.

Gas pipeline Medgaz.


​LNG/NG procurement, infrastructure and marketing (Qalhat liquefaction plant).

​Gas and electricity distribution.
LNG/NG marketing and infraestructure.
Renewable generation (wind, solar and hydropower).
Combined cycle and fuel generation.
Renewable generation projects (solar and storage)

​Wind generation.

With specialised companies

We have companies specialised in different parts of the energy process (generation, distribution and marketing), both in the gas and electricity sectors.

GPG logo, Naturgy Group
Global Power Generation (GPG)
 is a company of the Naturgy group specialising in the power generation business. It develops and manages generation assets with a global focus , and offers engineering and operation services, as well as facility maintenance.


UFD logo, Naturgy Group

UFD focuses on the development, technification and digitalisation of electrical networks. It is in charge of the Naturgy Group's regulated electricity distribution business. Its basic role is to transport electricity from the generation plants to end consumers.



Nedgia logo, Naturgy Group

Nedgia is the Naturgy Group's gas distribution company in Spain, responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of gas networks. It develops innovative and efficient solutions, and promotes new uses of gas.



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