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We have an extensive catalogue of energy services



Our commercial offering is not limited to the supply of gas and electricity, but also covers a wide range of areas

Although our business is focused on the distribution and marketing of gas and on the generation, distribution and marketing of electricity, we also pursue other lines of business such as energy services that diversify our operations and income, staying one step ahead of new market trends, meeting customers’ specific needs and offering them an integral services that is not solely focused on the sale of energy.

Our offering is aimed at households, businesses and major clients.


Tipo de servicios
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We take care of planning and executing the main energy installations, as well as providing optimal maintenance throughout the contract:

Renewal of installations and, if necessary, conversion to natural gas.

Financing of the entire project.

• The best maintenance plan to make your business as efficient as possible.

• Total guarantee of the entire installation.

24 hour customer service, 365 days per year.

• Digital platform to manage your consumption.

Our value proposal is contextualised in different services:

Innovative services and products for the home


Innovative products and services for companies


Innovative energy solutions for companies



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