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The future belongs to those who choose an ECO-label vehicle



One of our goals is to develop sustainable mobility solutions and charging stations

We are in the middle of a revolution that is changing our approach to mobility. The need for travel options that minimise environmental impact is opening up opportunities for other energy sources, such as electricity, natural gas and hydrogen. New mobility services are emerging that reduce the number of motor vehicles in our cities while maintaining availability levels.

That’s why we work to offer sustainable mobility solutions for cities and land and sea transport that reduce GHG emissions and also air pollution, helping improve air quality. Furthermore, alternative mobility is one of the company’s strategic innovation lines.

Today, we firmly believe in sustainable mobility, both in heavy and light transport, through the use and development of biomethane, green hydrogen, electricity and NGV, which we have been working on for years.

We're committed to sustainable mobility

Gas mobility

 Illustration of a lady refueling a CNG vehicle as an example of gas mobility

We are strongly committed to gas and new developments in areas such as maritime and heavy land transport sectors, where it is the least polluting technological alternative. We have been committed to the implementation of a public vehicular natural gas refuelling infrastructure for years, participating intechnological projects related to refilling with this type of fuel at the user level and paying special attention to improving the energy and financial efficiency of supply stations, where we have explored solutions to store energy in flywheels with the aim of managing energy more efficiently.
We have more than a hundred public and private refueling stations connected to our natural gas network and there are approximately 200 public facilities in Spain for vehicular natural gas.
In addition, NGV is compatible with the use of
renewable gas (biomethane and hydrogen), developing the circular economy with zero emissions.

Electric mobility

Not only do we drive the improvement of natural gas mobility, but we have also carried out important projects in the field of electricity-based mobility. To do so, we have implemented comprehensive and personalised electric mobility solutions that allow customers to enjoy their own electric vehicle charging station.
This value proposal is contextualised in services such as
Naturgy recarga, a comprehensive and personalised electric mobility solution that allows customers to enjoy their own electric vehicle charging station.
In addition, we are committed to developing a network of chargers that will give all citizens access to a universal and open electricity recharging service. The plan is based on the deployment of an urban customer proximity network with low-power public chargers and a capillary network of rapid chargers that provides safety to the electric vehicle user in the main communication axes. 

Illustration of girls recharging car on a street lamp as a representation of electric mobility


Illustration featuring different types of transportation to represent mobility
Sustainable mobility is one of the company’s lines of work related to strategic innovation, and is based on our model of sustainable and open innovation.

In 2020, we began a plan to roll out electric charging points on public roads, which will position us as one of the national benchmarks in sustainable mobility. We also remain committed to the nationwide deployment of a natural gas vehicle charging infrastructure for public use.
In the field of liquefied natural gas, we have continued with the development of the LNG ON Wheels ® project, a solution to make it possible to supply LNG through tankers that connect directly to vessels or another supply network, allowing for the transport of LNG to previously inaccessible zones.

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