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Our governance is based on the principles of efficiency and transparency


We undertake advanced corporate governance practices in accordance with the main recommendations and existing standards, and governed by the principles of efficiency and transparency. Our rules of governance are basically made up of:

  Articles of Association
  Regulations of the Board of Directors and its Committees
 Regulations of the Shareholders’ General Meeting
 Human Rights Policy
 Code of Ethics

Corporate governance
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    Government agencies


    Responsibility for our sustainability governance lies primarily with the Board of Directors which, together with all other company employees, works to integrate  corporate responsibility.

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    Shareholders and investors, financial institutions, business partners, customers, employees, suppliers, society, public authorities, analysts, agencies and market agents are all crucial to our business plans.

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    Policies and Codes of Conduct

    The policies and codes of conduct regarding social, environmental and corporate governance issues that form part of our strategy highlight the commitments we have acquired to our stakeholders.

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