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Policies and Codes of Conduct

Our commitments - especially those we have made to society and the environment - lead to a whole host of policies, criteria and codes that define their development guidelines and guarantee their compliance. Such values as ethics, integrity, transparency and a concern for the environment form part of our strategic outlook and corporate culture.

We are committed to ethics, integrity and transparency

We apply eight overarching commitments and 45 specific commitments

The Ethics and Compliance Committee ensures compliance with the corporate values
An internal audit verifies compliance with the Human Rights Policy
Our tax contribution in 2019 exceeded 2.955 billion euros

Code of Ethics 


We have a code of ethics that defines the guidelines for conduct for administrators and employees, with a specific code for suppliers.

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Code of best tax practices

In 2010, we signed up to a code promoted by the Government of Spain and the Large Companies Forum that specifically defines our tax obligations.


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Corporate Responsibility Policy

We have established a series of commitments with stakeholders focused on generating value and guaranteeing an appropriate relationship with the environment.

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Human Rights Policy

We precisely define how the company should incorporate human rights into the corporate culture and business management.

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Institutional Relations Policy

We establish relationships in the political and institutional sphere with the aim of communicating our position on different options concerning public regulations and policies.

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Community Relations Policy

We maintain an open dialogue with the local communities in the countries where we operate in order to support their development.

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Management of nuclear assets

We transparently define strategies, guidelines and objectives on Nuclear Power, Radiological Protection and Waste Management.


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Market abuse regulation (MAR)

We comply with European regulations on market abuse (MAR).


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Tax strategy and control policy

We apply the fundamental guidelines that govern the Tax Strategy and the Tax Risk Management and Control Policy.

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Director Selection Policy.

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