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Human Rights Policy

We strive to be an active agent in the protection of human rights within our sphere of influence and based on the degree of impact. In keeping with the Code of Ethics and the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact, we have formalised our commitment in this area. 
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To analyse the  potential impacts on vulnerable groups and in the area of gender.
To establish commitments.
Assigning responsibilities for action in this field.
Training people from the company.
To supervise and oversee the implementation of the policy.
Correcting any poor practices that may arise.
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Scope and area of application

Our company's Human Rights Policy applies to all activities in the Group, regardless of where in the world they are carried out. 
Applicable in all companies in which the company has operational control.
People in the company who are responsible for managing others must do their part to ensure that the policy is known and respected by their subordinates.
The practical application of the company's Human Rights Policy is determined by the institutional and legal framework existing in each country. 

Human Rights Commitments

  • 1

    Avoiding discriminatory practices or those that undermine the dignity of people

  • 2
    Eradicating the use of child labour
  • 3

    Ensuring freedom of association and collective negotiation

  • 4

    Protecting people’s health

  • 5

    Ensuring suitable employment and salary

  • 6

    Commitment to the people related to suppliers, contractors, external collaborators and business partners

  • 7

    Respecting indigenous communities and traditional ways of life

  • 8

    Protecting facilities and people while respecting human rights

  • 9

    Supporting and promoting respect of human rights in the surrounding community

  • 10

    Contributing to tackling corruption and protecting privacy

Procedures for compliance with the Human Rights Policy

  • Training and awareness

    We promote awareness of human rights in our area of action, supporting international incentives such as the United Nations Global Compact.

  • Implementation and oversight

    The company will analyse the primary factors of human rights to be considered in its operating areas, both at the national level and in the operations of the company itself. 

  • Consultation and notification

    The company's employees are obliged to inform the company, confidentially and without fear of reprisals, of anyfailure to comply with the commitments outlined in this policy that they may observe.

  • Public information

    Each year, we will define specific indicators that reflect putting the commitments in this policy into practice, as well as any controversies that may have arisen in the area of the different operating environments.


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