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Correctly identifying and defining our stakeholders and trusting and understanding them is essential to the success of the company’s business plans and its acceptance by society.

Dialogue with stakeholders

In order to develop a climate of trust with our stakeholders, we carry out dialogue actions to reveal their expectations and demands, in order to assess risks and opportunities associated with the business and establish lasting and stable relations. It should be mentioned that the opinion of our stakeholders is considered in all decision-making relating with company processes and activities.

We carry out two types of dialogue actions:

 Consultancy actions: two-directional, where the company and its stakeholders interact for an agile and fluid exchange of information. The conclusions are the improvement and suitability of our processes and, in particular, in the selection of the content in the corporate responsibility reports of Naturgy and its subsidiaries.
 Informative actions: one-directional, where we provide information to our stakeholders.

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