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IGU Secretariat

Naturgy and the Spanish Gas Association (Sedigas) took over the role of International Gas Union (IGU) Secretariat in November 2016 for a period of six years. Since then, Luis Bertrán, who has occupied various positions of responsibility in the company, has been the IGU’s new Secretary-General, replacing the Norwegian Pal Rasmussen. This appointment marked a historic milestone for Spain and the group because, through its role in the IGU, Naturgy will lead the debate on the energy transition with the big challenge of creating a low-carbon economy.

Barcelona is one of the gas industry’s nerve centres on a European and world level, which is why the headquarters of this association are based in this city, at our head office, where the resources required for its activity are available. The IGU also brings together an international group of experts who will carry out initiatives to position it as the global advocate of the gas industry.

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The International Gas Union (IGU) organises the World Gas Conference (WGC), International Gas Research Conference (IGRC) and LNG Conference&Exhibition every three years. These are the three most important events in terms of technical innovation and promoting the technical and economic progress of the gas industry in the world.


Luis Bertrán, new Secretary-General of the IGU:

“The main lines of activity for this stage will be to promote natural gas as an energy that contributes towards improving air quality and reducing CO2; natural gas as an important transitional energy supply that drives economic growth and, finally, its key role in the future as a sustainable option in the energy mix.”
Luis Bertrán was born in Torrelles de Foix (Barcelona) in 1959. He is an industrial chemical engineer who has spent all his professional career in the gas sector, always with a marked international character. Before being appointed as Secretary-General of the IGU, he occupied the post of Director of Retail Planning and Services within the company.


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