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Our suppliers

How can you become supplier?

 Contact one of the different Purchasing Units to start the Initial Supplier Assessment.

 Comply with the company's Human Rights Policy and its commitment to workplace health and safety, have a Code of Ethics and promote practices in line with the conduct guidelines in our company's Code of Ethics.

 Register in Repro, a system for classifying external suppliers, in compliance with various EU Directives applicable to its regulated areas of activity.

 Approval and accreditation requirements are established for critical business processes, the principles of which are governed by internal regulations on supplier quality.


Contract conditions

Purchasing conditions are general documents designed to govern the relations between companies in the Group and their suppliers.

These terms and conditions shall apply to public-works and services contracts and to the purchase and assembly of materials and/or equipment, as agreed between the Group's companies and their suppliers.

These Comprehensive General Terms and Conditions apply to every country the Group operates in, together with the specific terms for each country.

Go to the country in question where you will find the general terms and conditions for contracts and their validity as well as specific documentation relating to the country and other useful information.

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