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Committed to our stakeholders


We are fully aware that in order to create value and build trust we must bear in mind both corporate responsibility to stakeholdersand sustainability in its widest scope, with a long-term vision; these being the fundamental and intrinsic pillars of our values and our culture.

The global context presents challenges, such as climate change, energy transition and population growth coupled with scarcity of natural resources, which the company anticipates and adapts to, thus managing to overcome traditional and emerging risks, find new business opportunities and respond to the needs of our different stakeholders.

We are aware of the importance of our actions on people and the environment in which we carry out our activity and, therefore, we establish a series of commitments that guarantee the current and future well-being of the people and environments with which we are in contact.

Our 8 Commitments


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Health and safety

Responsible supply chain

Social commitment

Integrity and transparency

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