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Service excellence

Naturgy workers

The customer is the focal point for our operations:


 Through active dialogue, the company strives to be able to give them an answer quickly and efficiently.

 Provide an excellent customer service and experience.

 Meet the legal requirements.

 In accordance with their needs.

 Fulfil the commitments taken on voluntarily by the group.

Responsible action principles with customers

    Working towards ongoing improvement in security, reliability and competitiveness in all products and services, offering the best level of quality possible based on the best technology available.

    Promoting active and two-way communication to allow customer expectations and opinions to be understood and the responses from the company to be adapted to their needs.

    Facilitating customer processes via simple and efficient systems.

  •  Offering innovative products and services that foster energy efficiency and increase company sustainability.

  • Diversifying and expanding the commercial offering to include products and services of high added value that respond to changing customer needs.

  • Applying technological innovation and available technical improvements as a means to maintain an efficient, secure and sustainable supply.

Comprehensive, effective and efficient commercial offer

Our commercial offer is targeted at households, businesses and major clients. The available products are not limited to the supply of gas and electricity but rather cover a wide range of areas.
Products and services adapted to meet the needs of customers
Households Businesses Major clients
Natural gas and electricity Natural gas, electricity and LNG
Energy services
Equipment Added-value services
Energy efficiency and saving Efficiency and sustainability
  Energy solutions
  Customised advice and management

New products are developed to satisfy market needs, which are identified via the mechanisms in place to do so. The commercial offer seeks effectiveness and efficiency above all else: 
 Effectiveness for meeting customer demands
 Efficiency for achieving maximum competitiveness


Means of customer service

Online Channel Our website provides both customers and non-customers with simple and practical access to online information and tips about energy saving, air conditioning, lighting and efficient electrical appliances so that customers can easily lower their bills, as well as with ways to contract energy supplies and services. The Customers Area and the app can be used by customers to browse an extensive list of features so they can self-manage their data, bills and contracts directly, flexibly and effectively.
Telephone Channel The telephone service offers a customised and specialised response based on predictive technology for handling customer queries and adapting each solution to their specific situation.
Guarantee Office  The Guarantee Office responds to entities that represent customers, adapting official and administrative protocols to provide the easiest, most flexible and simplest service to customers.
Over-the-Counter Channel - Centres At our offices, customers receive a direct and approachable service in response to the various situations that might require our attention: information, contracting products and services with customised advice, and incident resolution.
Over-the-Counter Channel - Personal Manager Our regional structure of personal managers offers an exclusive service in response to customer needs in situ. They make it easier for customers to do business by offering advice on products and services, energy efficiency solutions, online home automation devices and high-end mobility technology.

Service processes adapted to all our customers 

We apply technological innovation to customer service to reduce language, cultural, literacy and disability barriers, ensuring communication with our customers is simpler and more accessible.

We have placed special focus on the most vulnerable groups as an example of our commitment to promoting simple, clear and easy communication with all our customers and adapting to their needs. That is why we have the latest accessibility technology available on all our service channels:

 Digital: a renovation project where the priority is for customers to get in touch in any way possible, adapting the website to the international guidelines on accessibility and ensuring universal access to the information. 

 Telephone: implementation of the SVisual video portal in partnership with the Confederación Estatal de Personas Sordas (Spanish State Confederation of Deaf People) (CNSE), which enables users to communicate remotely and in real time with other deaf people or listeners. 

In person: transformation of service centres to eliminate any type of barrier. All the on-site service centres currently have glasses to allow those with vision difficulties to read the small letters, 55% of the centres have ramp access and the flagship centres have a video-conference system so deaf people can communicate through sign language with the centre manager via the SVisual video platform

Use of new technologies

Customer Channel website Customers have a space in which to complete any necessary procedures by logging in or as visitors, enabling automatic and 24/7 management of the most standard operations.
There is also the option to ask any question via the online chat feature, meaning that they don't have to make phone calls.
Contracting website A new website for customers and non-customers to contract products and services or obtain information with responsive access from any device. It also enables households and businesses to contract an energy supply and services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
An online chat service is included for contracting services or obtaining price information aimed at resolving any query there and then.
Social Media A Facebook profile with more than 60,000 followers and a Twitter account with more than 40,000 followers (both in Spain) allow both customers and non-customers to stay up to date with the latest news, products, prices and information of interest, providing added value in terms of the immediate contact and approachable nature of this channel.
We are also present on Telegram for any kind of specific contact.
Online contract confirmation In order to meet the requirements of the new Spanish Distance Selling Act, we send confirmation of the contract by SMS or email. The sale is not confirmed until acceptance is received from the customer.
Costumer Area app The Customer Area app includes a number of new usability and design improvements, also incorporating the option to take meter readings using a camera (OCR Readings) and fingerprint access to the app.
Services app A new services app for managing the (SVG and SVE) maintenance and repair of household devices from anywhere at any time. Increased flexibility and convenience for the customer when managing any issues.
Yoleogas Naturgy has launched a mobile app in Spain to involve the customer themselves in the gas meter reading process.
The company has developed and implemented a new image recognition system for taking customer meter readings. This system effectively automates the meter reading and data storage process.
Among the options offered by the app is the possibility to configure notifications so that users are told when a meter reading is required. Furthermore, the app shows a list of past readings so customers can monitor their consumption.

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