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The Naturgy Foundation is a non-profit institution founded in 1992 by Naturgy to educate and raise awareness in society of improvements in energy efficiency and technological innovation in the energy sector. It also develops social action programmes both nationally and internationally, by influencing particular initiatives aimed at alleviating energy vulnerability.

It is an operational foundation that designs and implements its own projects aligned with its aim, the cornerstones of which are training, communication and raising awareness on issues related to energy and the environment, with the fundamental goal of fostering a rational use of energy resources and promoting sustainable development.

Meanwhile, the Foundation, aware of the problems of current society, wants to fight a social reality that affects an ever greater section of society: energy vulnerability. To do so, it undertakes actions that particularly affect vulnerable groups such as direct social actions at NGOs, rehabilitation of social housing, the implementation of an energy school or professional training of people at risk of exclusion in relation to energy and the environment.

We also promote educational and informative activities aimed at preserving and disseminating the historical and cultural heritage of the gas and electricity sector, and its Historical Archive, considered to be one of the most representative of the country.

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International presence

Commitment to society and the environment

 Programmes aimed at combating a social reality that affects more and more people in society every day: energy poverty. They include the Energy-related Refurbishment Charity Fund, the Energy School and the Energy Volunteering Programme. 

 Environmental managementseminars on energy and the environment, and the efficient use of energy resources. 

Applied research on issues arising at the interface between energy and the environment.

 Informative publications, with rigour and clarity.

 Education and communicationprogrammes to foster knowledge about energy-related issues, as well as touring exhibitions on energy and the environment accompanied by activities for schoolchildren and the general public aimed at encouraging reflection on the future and the importance of using natural resources efficiently.


The Foundation’s lines of work

Social Action

Plan de Acción Social de la Fundación Naturgy

Priority is given to social action in areas such as education, access to energy and dialogue with communities.It is worth highlighting the launch of the Energy Vulnerability Plan in Spain in partnership with the company. Under this initiative, such initiatives have been developed as the Energy School, the Energy Volunteering Programme and the Refurbishment of homes for vulnerable groups.

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Energy and the Environment

Energía y Medio Ambiente Fundación Naturgy

Our entity promotes training, communication and raising awareness about energy and environmental issues through seminars and the preparation and publication of the Energy Efficiency Index aimed at knowing the efficiency habits applied in Spanish homes and SMEs. Furthermore, it supports analysis forums in order to contribute towards the development of new energy technologies and promotes smart mobility and improved air quality.

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Educational Programmes

Programas Educativos Fundación Naturgy

It offers education projects that seek to convey values on changing the energy model, conserving the environment, andusing energy efficiently and responsibly for a better future for all.
These projects include the Learning by Service Programme (APS) and the broad range of classroom resources.

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International Programme

Programa Internacional Fundación Naturgy

The Foundation has a clear international outlook and has therefore been undertaking actions in countries, where its work is particularly focused on training, sustainability and social action, while always adapting to the specific nature and requirements of the various environments. Its activities are carried out in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, Algeria, Morocco, Italy, Moldova and South Africa.

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Where we are located

Naturgy Foundation

Address: Avda. San Luis 77. Madrid



Naturgy's commitments


We are working on our commitment to society through a mission for training and raising public awareness of improvements in energy efficiency and technological innovations in the energy sector. We are also developing Social Action programmes both nationally and internationally, by influencing particular initiatives aimed at alleviating energy vulnerability.

Two pairs of hands holding a wooden house

Energy vulnerability

We are applying measures to help remedy energy vulnerability through training and direct action with volunteers and in collaboration with the Third Sector.

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Woman and girl in wind farm

International social action

By reflecting the evolution of local societies and with a positive contribution to the public of the country where it is carried out.

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Electricity pylon

Social teaching

We are developing resources and activities on energy and technology for third sector organisations and citizens at risk of social exclusion, as well as adapting proposals so that they are accessible for a range of people.

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Spreading Information and Raising Awareness

We are researching general issues for the immediate environment, from several rigorous approaches, so that it is possible to move forward with the contribution of knowledge, alternatives and solutions.

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Energy efficiency

We are promoting information on, training in and awareness of society of the improvement of energy efficiency, in a manner which is consistent with respecting and protecting the environment

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CEG natural gas measuring and assessment laboratory (São Cristóvão, Río de Janeiro) Brazil

Technological innovation

Innovation and technology are key to changing the way we conduct our activity, turning ideas into services that guarantee an efficient, sustainable and safe energy supply.

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