Brave People, You Are Our Energy       


Naturgy’s fundamental priority at this time is to ensure the safe provision of energy in every single country in which it operates, and in order to do so it has been tightening protocol in all its crucial infrastructures since the beginning of the health crisis.

So, employees from different areas and countries in which the company operates wanted to share with you how they are working, from crucial positions, to ensure that energy is present in all homes and infrastructures. In view of this, they have launched messages of support, either from their workplaces in the field or from their home offices, in the hope of conveying the nature of their day-to-day lives while guaranteeing the supply of energy and emphasising its importance.

Using the hashtags #ValientesSoisNuestraEnergia, #quedateencasa, #frenarlacurva and #estevirusloparamosunidos, these employees would like to convey the importance of following the health and safety guidelines issued by the government in response to the State of Emergency, and reflect on how, despite the circumstances, it’s important that the correct functioning of the energy system is guaranteed, now more than ever.

Anna Bigorda Rodó, Nedgia
David García, CCO Batundeira
Shirley Delgado, Panama
Victor Pérez and Josue Mercadal CCC Cartagena
Victor Carmen Mateos, Nedgia
Alejandro Rojas, Peru 
Paloma Montesinos 
Xavier Temporal, Digital Marketing
Beatriz Rodríguez, Panama
Nedgia Montigalá
David Ángulo
Raúl Zapico, Naturgy Renovables
Nedgia Emergencies

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