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Contractor Profile

Welcome to the Naturgy group’s Contractor Profile

This space will give suppliers all the information regarding the contractual activity of the Naturgy group, in accordance with several European directives.

As specified in Article 74, Book One of Royal Decree-Law 3/2020 of 4 February, regarding procurement by companies in the water, energy, transport and postal service sectors, the aim of the contractor profile is to ensure that information and documents related to procurement activity are transparent and available to the public.

Classification of companies

The Naturgy group has its own classification system using the Achilles Repro registration platform, which allows economic operators to request classification at any time.

Suppliers will be registered in accordance with their main characteristics and, in particular, the personal, material, economic, and technical elements they have at their disposal, in relation to the product or service categories that so require. The supplier must complete a questionnaire and present the requested documentation, in addition to a signed declaration.

Naturgy group companies will use the Repro register as a basis to select the candidates to present bids subject to Royal Decree-Law 3/2020, of 4 February.

Award procedure

The Naturgy group preferentially uses the restricted contract award procedure. Any interested company can submit a participation request in response to the call for tender announcement published in the OJEU, which can be accessed from this page through the following link: Classification system - special sectors, providing information on classification in Repro.

Tender specifications and technical requirements

The suppliers selected to take part will have access to the tender specifications and technical requirements through the Naturgy group’s tender tool, thereby guaranteeing that electronic means are used in all stages of the award procedure and ensuring free competition, objectivity, impartiality, transparency and traceability throughout the entire procurement process.

Formalisation of contracts

Once formalised, contracts that are subject to the provisions of Royal Decree-Law 3/2020 will be published in the Official Journal of the European Union and will be available to the winning suppliers in the Naturgy group’s contracts tool.

Contact information

You can send any questions or queries relating to the suppliers' area to the following email:

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