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We undertake actions for the protection and conservation of natural species and spaces that go beyond the legal requirements, diagnostic studies of the environment surrounding our facilities, and education and awareness activities with our stakeholders, all of which are part of the Biodiversity Plan.

Naturgy Foundation also carries out corporate environmental volunteering actions to promote a positive attitude toward conserving biodiversity among employees and their families. Two environmental volunteering actions have taken place in two natural spaces.

For example, the creation of Lake Meirama in the valley of As Encobras, Cerceda (A Coruña) is one of the largest environmental restoration projects undertaken in Spain. The transformation of the former open-cast lignite mine into a man-made lake has created a large protected space, rich in biodiversity, which will increase the area's economic and tourism development. Lake Meirama is the world’s first artificial lake that could be used as a reservoir for a large population without the need for intensive water treatment, specifically A Coruña and its area of influence, thanks to its good water quality.

The transformation project, with a €60 million investment, consisted of creating a large artificial lake 2.2 km long and 1 km wide in the former open-cast mine, and reforesting the land and spoil tips.
Lago Meirama

265 biodiversity initiatives

367 environmental volunteers

1.982 ha. environmental restoration actions



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