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One of our aims is to develop professionals who will be leaders of change to build a future with the Naturgy vision, thus offering an ongoing learning environment, with methodologies, tools and knowledge that facilitate the growth of our professionals, connecting them with trends, technologies and best practice, and promoting their development of skills and competencies linked to our leadership model.

Corporate University is one of the strategic forces behind transformation, serving both people and businesses to contribute to the creation of value and to achieve our goals.

We have three academies that complement each other and enable our teams to tackle the challenges of the present and the future through ongoing learning, development of the leadership role and the adoption of new ways of working: Transformational Leadership, Tech Academy and Extended Academy.

We also foster training and education for children and young people, as basic pillars for human growth and development, in communities lacking financial resources in the countries where we operate, funding grants for children and young people without financial resources and a good academic record, all through the employee Día Solidario association.
Proyecto Día Solidario en Marruecos

259.703 hours of training

26,6 training hours per employee

of the workforce trained



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