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We believe it is essential to foster diversity and equal opportunities and to create an environment based on respect, and constant listening and dialogue, paying special attention to achieving objectives in issues related to gender and the inclusion of people with disabilities, extending this commitment to suppliers and partner companies.

This all-encompassing commitment is upheld in the Sustainability and People Strategy, as well as the Gender Equality Policy and the Workplace Harassment Prevention Protocol.

Our Equality Plan identifies the strengths that should be maintained and highlights the weaknesses that need to be corrected, as identified by an external expert. These points determine the path that should be followed, indicating actions in the areas of communication and awareness, culture and leadership, development and promotion, payment, flexibility and work/life balance, recruitment, harassment prevention, measurement and monitoring.

Our commitment to equality was awarded the “Business Equality Label” (DIE) by the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with Parliament and Equality in November 2018, which is still valid, for our implementation of equal opportunity policies through comprehensive, measurable equality plans with specific results. This certification is granted after an exhaustive process to verify activities related to equality with the aim of establishing the level of excellence and mainstreaming in management.

33% women / 67% men

23% women in executive roles



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