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Environmental management and governance

 Our commitments


  • To guarantee compliance with environmental legislation and more demanding voluntary requirements; anticipating adaptation to new regulations as far as possible.

  • To prevent pollution and reduce environmental impacts throughout the value chain by encouraging the involvement of employees, partner companies and stakeholders. 

  • To integrate the environment into risk and opportunity management, as well as into mergers and asset acquisitions by conducting environmental due diligence processes. 

  • To set targets that foster ongoing improvement in environmental performance.

  • To have an externally audited and certified environmental management system based on the criteria of the Global Integrated Management System Policy.

  • To foster transparency, in line with international reporting standards, to facilitate communication with our stakeholders.

  •  To support the spread of knowledge and raise awareness about energy and the environment, and encouraging constructive dialogue with public authorities, NGOs, universities, customers and other stakeholders.  

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Facts that support our commitment

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Environmental certifications
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