Our electricity generation capacity stands at 15.6 GW and is based on a balanced, competitive and environmentally-friendly generation mix. Our company’s power generation is aimed at both wholesale and residential consumption. We have a leading position in the markets in which we operate. We are one of the most efficient operators in terms of the operation and maintenance costs of our electricity distribution business.

In 2017, 14.8% of the EBITDA posted by the Group was accounted for by its electricity business.  
  15.6 GW of electricity generation capacity
15,7% of the Group's EBITDA
  7.6 million supply points 
  35.4 TWh commercialised

Power generation technologies

We hold a leading position in the markets where we operate. We have extensive knowledge of all power generation technologies and of the infrastructure capable of adapting to the needs of every energy model and reality present in each country. 

Electricity generation is subdivided into the ordinary regime (hydraulic, nuclear, coal, fuel-oil and gas combined cycles technologies) and the special regime (wind, co-generation and photovoltaictechnologies).For the latter, the company owns its subsidiary company dedicated to renewables. 
  • Central de Ciclos Combinados de Sagunto (España)

    Combined cycles

      7 GW

    Natural gas combined cycles  aremore efficient than other technologies based on fossil fuels as they produce energy in two phases.

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  • Imagen área de una central térmica


      1.7 GW

    Our commitment to thermal technology comes in the form of coal and fuel-gasplants.


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  • Imagen apaisada de una central nuclear.


     0.6 GW

    With more than 50 years’ experience managing and operating the Spanish nuclear plants of Almaraz and Trillo

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  3.5 GW

We consider renewable energies (solar, hydro and wind) as an opportunity for the future and for growthin Spain, Mediterranean countries and in Latin America.

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Hilera de molinos de viento de un parque eólico

Generation by country

In Spain, our generation capacity is 12.5 GW with significant operations in five technologies: 7 GW from combined cycle power plants, 2 GW from hydropower, 1.7 GW from coal, 1.2 GW from renewables and 0.6 GW from nuclear.

Naturgy’s market share comprises 17.4% in non-renewable generation and 2.1% in renewable energy.

At an international level, we operate through Global Power Generation (GPG) with 3.1 GW installed capacity. 2.3 GW from combined cycle power plants (Mexico), 0.2 GW from fuel (Dominican Republic), from 0.1 GW hydropower (Costa Rica and Panama) and 0.5 GW from renewable power (Mexico, Australia and Brazil).

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