We are involved in a large part of the gas life cycle. Following its extraction, we take care of its procurement and transportation which allow us to distribute it to our customers. For this reason, it is important to be able to rely on suitable storage with a view to subsequent marketing.

Gasification process

Gasification process


Energy goes on a long journey from the time when natural gas is extracted from the gas fields to the moment it reaches the end user. The journey starts with procurement, which entails obtaining natural gas in a gaseous state or as liquefied natural gas (LNG).


We have a flexible, diversified and competitive supplyportfolioof 30 bcm. Our gas procurement is broken down into:

36% Natural Gas
Liquefied Natural Gas

These supplies provide great flexibility in terms of the end use of the gas.

Origin of gas

We have procurement contracts with different countries (Algeria, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Nigeria, Norway, and Trinidad and Tobago) and have signedinternational agreements to add to the gas supply portfolio approximately 11 bcm from a number of projects in the United States (Cheniere: Sabine Pass and Corpus Christi); Russia (Yamal LNG); and Azerbaijan (Shah Deniz II).

Supply guarantee

The considerable flexibility provided by our gas procurement portfolio allows the gas combined cycle plants to serve as a back-up for non-manageable renewable energies by providing supply security to the national system.


The company has a unique and integrated gas infrastructure that provides the business with great stability, operational flexibility and the ability to transport gas towards the best business opportunities.

Stakes in Ecoeléctrica's regasification plantTwo liquefaction plants
(Damietta and Qalhat)
Two gas pipelinesEleven LNG tankers
Damietta Liquefaction Plant (Egypt).
Regasification and liquefaction
Regasification and liquefaction plants transform from one state to another in order to enable its transportation and reintroduction into the gas system.

Thanks to our gas pipeline management, our stake in plants and our fleet of LNG tankers, we can meet the needs of different group businesses flexibly and diversely.

Work on the A Mariña (Lugo) gas pipeline landscape
Naturgy Transporte SDG, S.L.
Transporters are those corporations authorised for the construction, operation  and maintenance of regasification facilities for liquefied natural gas, transportation and basic storage of natural gas.

Naturgy Transporte SDG, S.L. is our company which is responsible for primary natural gas transportation in gas pipelines with a maximum pressure equal to or greater than 60 bars.


We maintain a leading position  in the markets where we operate, thus providing an excellent platform for organic growth in terms of both attracting new customers in municipalities already with a gas supply and expanding our networks into areas without gas connections.
We distribute...
in the domestic-commercial market (homes and businesses)

and in the industrial market to large customers.
In Spain...
 More than 1,000 municipalities in 9 different autonomous communities
and we have over 5.3 M customers.

In Latin America...

More than 5.2 M customers

Operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru.


Gas fields are naturally formed stores that have proven suitable and sufficiently watertight to accommodate gas for millions on years. Depleted gas fields are the geological structures most used worldwide for storing gas in the subsoil. We have a proprietary storage capacity of 0.5 bcm and leased capacity of 0.9 bcm. This storage capacity seeks to ensure a constant supply, avoiding the impact of seasonal changes or peaks in demand.



We market gas in Spain and in the international market, within both wholesale and retail.  For the latter, in Spain we also provide other, related products and services.


 378 TWg of gas supplied
11 M customers

Energy efficiency

Presence in  Spain and Latin America

26% market share in Spain 

Types of gas

Naturgy is the leading company for natural gas marketing in the Iberian Peninsula and the largest distributor of natural gas in Latin America. Moreover, we are one of the world's largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) operators and one of the companies with a commitment to Vehicular Natural Gas.

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