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Marismas project

The Marismas project is a continuation of the 30 years of activity that we have been carrying out in the Guadalquivir Valley area. It consists of removing the existing additional gas reserves and once the gas has been depleted, the site is used again as a storage area - the function it has had for millions of years. 

Sites like the Marismas Occidental are the safest storage areas in existence, as they have contained hydrocarbon for millions of years.

Project phases

Extractionof the additional natural gas reserves remaining on the site, 1,000 metres underground.

2The stored gas will be injected from the Enagás network and managed based on the needs of the Spanish system.



2 Marismas Occidental

 Drilling of two wells: Marismas 3-NE and Rincón 2
 Construction of two gas pipelines:
 One between the Marismas 3 and Rincón 2 sites and another of connection with the F-50.1 measurement station within the Marismas 03 site. 

3 Marismas Oriental

4 Aznalcázar

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