Global Power Generation (GPG) is a company in the power generation business. It develops and manages power generation assets with a global focus and using technologies in which its experience guarantees success. GPG also offers its customers engineering, operation and maintenance services for their facilities.

Naturgy Energy Group and KIA

Global Power Generation (GPG) was set up in 2014 by Naturgy Energy Group and KIA (through its subsidiary Wren House Infrastructure) as a vehicle to channel its international electricity generation business, one of the main growth vectors identified by the group.

The Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), a sound investment partner that owns 25% of GPG, is the oldest sovereign fund in the world and stems from the Kuwait Investment Board, set up in 1953. It is responsible for the management and administration of Kuwait's General Reserve Fund (GRF) and the Future Generation Fund (FGF), as well as other State funds in Kuwait.

Wren House Infrastructure  was set up in 2013 to globally manage all KIA infrastructure investments. The sovereign fund is focused on the long-term creation of a sustainable infrastructure platform and forms part of various projects as an investment partner.

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Combined cycle: 2,365 MW of installed capacity in Mexico and Puerto Rico.
Hydroelectric123 MW of installed capacity in Costa Rica and Panama. 
Wind: 234 MW installed capacity in Mexico, in Australia for 270 MW and projects awarded in 2016 in Chile for 204 MW.
Solar: Projects awarded in 2016 in Chile for 126MW and Brazil for 68MW.
 Thermal (coal and fuel): 198 MW of installed capacity in the Dominican Republic.


The activity of Global Power Generation (GPG) is complemented by the expertise of its engineering subsidiaries which, besides supporting its own developments, offers its services to third parties.


Has supported the development and construction of over 1,000 projects in almost 50 countries since it was set up in 1989.

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Operation and maintenance

Provides operation and maintenance services to GPG's clients once the assets are operational, managing energy assets in various countries.

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