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REMIT. Integrity and transparency of the wholesale energy market


Naturgy takes part in the development of competitive wholesale energy markets via mechanisms that encourage its integrity and transparency. Specifically, the Regulation of the European Union No. 1227/2011, on Integrity and Transparency of the wholesale energy market (REMIT) obliges generating companies, as market stakeholders, to effectively and suitably disseminate information related to the capacity and use of their electricity production, storage, consumption or transport facilities, including the planned or unplanned unavailability of said facilities.

The company, in compliance with current legislation, hereby publishes information on its generation units in Spain. The content and/or format of this data must be checked, as required.
(*)These files reflect the existing situation on the date and at the time at which they were created. The electricity operator of the Spanish system is notified of any scheduled and ongoing outages in accordance with Operating Procedures 2.5 and 3.6, and they are also published on the ENTSO transparency platform where up-to-date information can be viewed based on the date and time of consultation.

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