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We are committed to renewable energies to support the energy transition





Keeping in mind our roots and more than 175 years of history, our vision for the future aims to protect the current business model and establish the bases to continue creating value, committing to renewable energies for a sustainable transition.

To support the energy transition, we were the first Spanish group to apply for the permit to close its coal plants, and in 2019 we became one of the leading investors in clean technologies in the country.


Renewable production chart by country
Renewable production in Europe
 2.193 MW
  251 MW
 2.056 MW
We have increased the weight of the installed renewables capacity in Spain with the development of 667 MW of wind power and 250 MW of solar projects in 2019.

We have also continued to invest in renewable power further afield, spending 145 million euros on growth projects in Australia and Chile. Consequently, our total installed renewable power capacity reached 2,580 MW by the end of 2019, a 45% increase compared to the previous year.

In addition, for the first time last year our avoided emissions exceeded our total direct and indirect emissions.

In 2019, we managed to reduce our CO2 emissions by 16% thanks to our commitment to renewable energies

 In terms of renewable energy innovation, we are committed to implementing new technologies, monitoring assets and managing them in an autonomous and smart manner.

Innovation is key to staying one step ahead of the impact of societal changes such as the digital transformation, which affects lifestyles, customer needs or the energy transition to a decarbonised economy.



Innovation challenges

Photovoltaic test field  in La Nava, Ciudad Real
This project aims to carry out tests on different solar panels, trackers and other equipment, as well as design parameters for photovoltaic solar generation facilities.


We contribute to the decarbonisation of the electrical system and to the care of the environment

Action in protected areas

Studies of the surrounding area

 Biodiversity initiatives

 Responsible supply chain

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