The generation of renewable energies is a cornerstone for our company, which is focused on lines of business dealing with renewable energies and cogeneration throughout Spain.

In 2014, we created  Global Power Generation, Naturgy that brings together the international power generation assets and business for the company outside of Europe, with the participation of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA).

Our goal is tied to the Kyoto commitment, through which by 2020 20% of the energy generated in the European Union must by renewable. We are committed to a balanced energy mix and efficient management of fossil fuels and renewable resources, in such a way that emissions-free generation technologies (renewables and water) and low-emission technologies (combined cycles and cogeneration) account for a significant volume of our total installed capacity.
Turbines at the Canredondo Wind Farm in Guadalajara


 improve the efficiency of operational assets
 develop a portfolio of competitive projects


 maximise  the use of wind and photovoltaic resources


Figures in Spain

More than 100 facilities in 9 regions
Installed power: 1.973 MW

1.561 MW wind
111 MW mini hydropower
250 MW cogeneration and 51 MW photovoltaic 

Main renewable generation figures at Naturgy

In the energy transition to energies with lower CO2 emissions needed to meet the targets set in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, we believe that natural gas and renewable energies will play a highly significant role.Therefore, our lines of action are aimed at tripling the installed capacity in renewables by 2022.

In line with this renewables growth target, we have continued to work on developing wind and solar projects awarded at auctions carried out by the Spanish Government, with the development of up to 667 MW in wind and 250 MW in solar projects. In 2019, we became one of biggest investors in clean technologies in Spain, earmarking more than 400 million euros for the development of renewable power projects, the highest figure in the company's
history. We have also continued to invest in renewable power further afield, spending 145 million euros on growth projects in Australia and Chile.
Consequently, our total installed renewable power capacity reached 2,580 MW by the end of 2019, a 45% increase compared to the previous year.

Photovoltaic plant at El Carpio (Toledo)

Innovation in renewables

We are committed to a balanced energy mix and efficient management of renewable resources, developing projects and innovative initiatives in various fields of renewable power generation.

 Wind power

The initiatives being developed by the company in this area focus on two primary areas: on the one hand, monitoring asset status through measurement systems, smart models and data processing to improve monitoring and diagnosis of the plants; and, on the other hand, maintaining and streamlining facility performance through the implementation or testing of improvements.


We are committed to implementing new technologies, both in areas of environmental control and in establishing mobility and remote monitoring systems, as well as improving the hydropower facility performance.

 Photovoltaic energy

We promote initiatives that cover the automated and smart management of environmental information, energy efficiency and, in short, the development of photovoltaic technology

Renewable technologies and Innovation

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