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We take care of the areas surrounding our hydropower generation facilities that are part of the energy mix


We have an international hydropower production capacity of 465 GWh



43.4% of the renewable energy we produced in 2020 worldwide was hydropower   


Belasarte Hydropower Plant

  • At the end of 2020, we had a total installed hydropower capacity of 2,074 MW, with 1,951​ MW in Spain and 123 MW in Costa Rica and Panama. We also have 111 MW of mini-hydropower.

  • With a net power generation of 3,011 GWh in Spain, including 524 GWh of mini-hydropower, and 465 GWh in the rest of the world.


Refurbishment of the penstock at the Mora de Luna Hydropower Plant

The Mora de Luna Hydropower Plant is in the north of León province and takes water from the Barrios de Luna reservoir. Although the water is mainly used for irrigation and water supplies, the Hydropower Plant regulates the discharges and generates 65 GWh of clean energy, the equivalent of the annual consumption of 19,000 households

To ensure this is a safe, environmentally friendly operation, we have refurbished the tunnel almost 4 km long that takes the water from the reservoir to the turbines. That required over a hundred people working simultaneously for 8 months, thus avoiding numerous technical and logistical difficulties as well as the health crisis stemming from COVID-19.


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