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Wind power


We invest in wind farms to contribute to the energy transition and the reduction of polluting emissions


Wind power generation accounts for almost 13% of our installed capacity worldwide



 48.2% of the renewable energy we produced in 2020 worldwide was wind power


General view of Cabo Vilano Wind Farm (A Coruña)
  • At the end of 2020, we had a total installed wind power generation capacity of 2 GW MW spread between 1.7 GW in Spain and 0.3 GW in Mexico and Australia
  • With a net power generation of 2,258 GWh in Spain and 964 GWh in the rest of the world. 
  • We have increased our installed wind power capacity by 41% compared to 2018.
  • We have made investments that will increase our capacity

We develop and manage power generation assets with a global approach

New projects

 Puerto del Rosario Wind Farm
Investment: 39.3 million euros
Installed power: 29.2 MW
Location: Fuerteventura, (Gran Canaria, Spain)
Launch: July 2022
 Cabo Leones II Wind Farm
Installed capacity:  205.8 MW
Location: Huasco, Third region of Atacama (Chile)
Entry into operation: end of 2020


 Berrybank 1 Wind Farm
Investment: A$259 million
Installed capacity: 180.6 MWLocation: Berrybank (Australia)
Entry into operation: end of 2020


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