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We use drones to guarantee
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We seek innovation in energy


Open innovation model

In a world in constant flux, we work from a perspective of open innovation that values both external and internal talent as the only way to make progress andbring new ideas and products to market. Technological innovation, which we consider as an ongoing process that forms part of our corporate philosophy and is one of the driving forces behind the development of Naturgy.

That is why we develop entrepreneurship programmes, both internally and in partnership with innovative external stakeholders, which help us innovate more flexibly, maintain our leadership in the market and adapt based on changes in our environment. This allows us to anticipate customer needs and convert ideas into services that guarantee efficient, sustainable and safe energy supplies.

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Innovation Plan

Our Innovation Plan seeks to implement operational improvements and adopt those technologies that bring the greatest value to Naturgy’s businesses. This plan is divided into six main lines of action: Sustainable mobility; Smart client; Distributed generation and self-supply; Renewables and storage; Renewable gas and liquefied natural gas; and Advanced asset management.

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Sustainable mobility

Smart Client

Distributed generation and self-supply

Renewables and storage

Renewable gas and liquefied natural gas

Advanced asset management

Technology Centre and Innovahub

The Technology Centre creates a network of laboratories for innovation partnerships both within Naturgy and within our business ecosystem comprised of innovation centres, start-ups, universities and other technology centres and industrial partners.  

 Self-consumption Lab (LAC)
 Cold and Heat Solutions Lab (LASOL)
 AutoLab - robotics & sensor systems and IoT
 Smart Home Living Lab (SHoLL)


Furthermore, the Technology Centre promotes the Innovahub centres, spaces created to foster open innovation and located in Madrid, Barcelona and the Puente Nuevo Campus (Ávila). 

Innovahub    Technological Centre


Fostering Innovation


The promotion of entrepreneurship within Naturgy is key to enabling innovation and encouraging the creation of value and greater competitiveness with our business models and services. The EmprendE Programme, with cross-departmental teams made up by Naturgy employees, and the Our Energy Awards have been set up in this regard.


In order to foster innovation, spaces to meet, debate and exchange ideas must be created where people can network for possible collaborations. In this regard, Naturgy attends and sponsors various events, such as South Summit and MIT Innovators under 35. 

Accelerator programmes

These programmes seek to identify, promote and accelerate the development of new products and services tackling the challenges in the sector and responding to the needs of the company customers and the Group itself. Foment Up is currently being developed in partnership with the Catalan business association Foment del Treball, and Cleantech Camp is being developed with InnoEnergy.

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Innovation Planning

Support and transfer

Support and technology transfer streamlines operation of the Naturgy’s businesses: identifying business needs and seeking solutions through new technologies. 



We take part in forums and sectoral associations,  enabling us to enter dialogue with benchmark experts in each technological field and build networks and partnerships for the future with the stakeholders in innovation

Technological observatory

The Technology Watchdog coordinates innovation initiatives and undertakes technology monitoring projects.  It has 17 specific watchdogs and over 160 experts distributed throughout the various business units.  

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