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Fostering Innovation

The company keeps an open and innovative attitude for observing and identifying opportunities and trends and discovering the development status of new business and service models and their progress in order to come across new ideas that can meet the demands of the market and customers. Naturgy promotes various initiatives that foster entrepreneurship and the development of innovative projects within the company and in partnership with external stakeholders capable of accelerating the development of new products and services that are considered of interest to the group.

Open Innovation

Naturgy is undertaking a far-reaching change and therefore increases its resources in all areas of innovation, especially its commitment to the open innovation strategy. This is a new model for building relationships between companies and external players such as universities, start-ups, research bodies, entrepreneurs and public authorities in order to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Accelerator programmes

Naturgy has launched various programmes aimed at identifying, promoting and accelerating the development of new products and services that meet the future needs of the company and help it respond to challenges in the sector.

The development of these programmes includes participation from market experts and consultants from all areas of the company. These programmes have created an advantage for the company by providing solutions in products and services from the company that help its businesses become more efficient, reducing the “time to market” for new products and services.



In partnership with Foment del Treball , the Energy & Data challenge has been launched to support innovative start-ups in the Big Data and IoT sector, with a view to helping both business projects to evolve and the development of technologies with which the company works.


Cleantech Camp


In partnership with Innoenergy, which promotes the integration of education, business and entrepreneurship to strengthen the innovation culture, the initiative supports entrepreneurship in clean energies for transforming projects into business realities. 

Cleantech Camp


Besides the spaces created through open innovation, we complement our search for start-ups with other activities such as meetings and events to find out about new start-ups and entrepreneurs. This helps us to identify trends and partnerships that may be of interest or use in their businesses and to promote sponsorship and involvement in open innovation initiatives.
  • South Summit

    For two years, we have been taking part in the largest entrepreneurship meeting in southern Europe and Latin America, an event that takes place in Madrid. As an Innovation Partner, we present initiatives and our open innovation model.
  • South Summit Pacific Alliance

    Naturgy takes part in the South Summit Pacific Alliance as a Global Partner, which is aimed at entrepreneurs in Colombia, Chile, Peru and Mexico. It deals with such issues as distributed renewable generation, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. 
  • MIT Innovators Under 35 Europe 

    Summit Europe is an annual meeting of the European community of Innovators Under 35. At InnovaHub in Barcelona, this event gathers the most brilliant minds from across  Europe who have received awards from MIT Technology Review.
  • MIT Innovators Under 35 LatAm

    We have been a Global Partner at the MIT Innovators Under 35 LatAm forum This is a space for meeting and of debate with Latin American entrepreneurs, at which Naturgy explores future partnerships. 


The company is fully aware of the importance of developing intrapreneurship programmes within the company, which has led it to adopt and promote this model in order to benefit from all its internal talent. It seeks new business models, service models and value creation models, as well as competitiveness improvements through ideas that arise within the company. 
EmprendE Programme

Naturgy employees, through the creation of cross-departmental teams and various other methods, have been working on coming up with ideas with a view to developing various projects aligned with the strategic corporate goals.
Our Energy Awards

The Our Energy Awards continue to play a major role given that they represent recognition of the best ideas applicable to company activities and business. Over the course of six editions, approximately 600 ideas have been presented.

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