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The Innovahubs are spaces for innovation created to foster open innovation at the company by opening up and boosting the technology and digital ecosystem. By doing so, the company seeks to identify new solutions and business models capable of leading to competitive advantages and putting it in a position of leadership

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We offer a knowledge network on the latest trends in digital innovation for the   energy sector and similar industries. 



We provide the network of energy experts who support entrepreneurs in the development of projects with an impact on the energy sector.




We offer a space in which to work and connect with the main players in the digital and technology ecosystem.

Innovation spaces

  • InnovaHub


    This is the meeting place for players in the digital and technology ecosystem who are having an impact on the energy sector in the regional capital of Catalonia. The most outstanding regular activities are: Tech Breakfast, with experts and successful entrepreneurs from the energy and digital sector; Experience Day, practical sessions with a specialist; and Start-up Meeting, at which the most innovative start-ups and professionals from Naturgy explore the challenges facing the sector. These are other outstanding activities.

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  • InnovaHub

    This InnovaHub is engaged in activities to support entrepreneurs, experts and start-ups. It also has three spaces for experimentation and innovation: AutoLab, a robotic IoT sensor systems lab; the Smart Home Living Lab (SHoLL) providing an environment for pilot schemes  and demonstrating Smart [Home] technology; and the Operation and Simulation Centre (COyS) that emulates a company control centre as a space for testing new solutions that will be integrated by the company. 

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  • InnovaHub
    Puente Nuevo

    The Campus houses a new InnovaHub, making it a hub for  development and innovation by the company. This specific space on the Campus is engaged in activities related to exchanging ideas, networking and searching for solutions in the energy sector. It is equipped with audio-visual tools such as the Immersive Cube and management tools such as Activu, which will enable communication between the various Innovahubs and the organisation of multi-site innovation events.



  •  Thematic tracks

    Monthly programmes focused on the latest digital trends and how they impact the energy sector.  They are developed in various formats to foster the exchange of ideas and networking

  •  Open space

    An meeting space that is open to the ecosystem, the entrepreneurs and innovators who need somewhere to work, network and organise events of interest to the community. 

  •   Mentoring

    Sessions at which the team of mentors from Naturgy Innovation and the network of experts from the InnovaHub offer their experience and knowledge to support start-ups and help solve their challenges. 

  • Tech Breakfast

    Thematic trucks

    Breakfasts at which top speakers and local and international start-ups share experiences on the chosen topic. A way to find inspiration and network.

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  •  Start-up Meeting

    Thematic trucks

    Meetings hosted by experts in Design Thinking at which the most innovative start-ups and professionals from Naturgy explore the challenges facing the sector in order to co-create solutions.

  •  Experience Day

    Thematic trucks

    Practical sessions with a technology expert in order to explore and further develop key issues surrounding the chosen topic in a dynamic manner.
  • Co-working

    Open Space

    If you are an entrepreneur with ties to the energy sector and you need somewhere to work sporadically, alone or with your team, you can ask to use the InnovaHub co-working space.
  •  Community Events

    Open Space

    InnovaHub is available for the organisation of events and activities of quality and interest to the community we form part of.
  • Problem Pitching

    Pitch Mentoring

    Sessions that gather the team of mentors from Naturgy and entrepreneurs in order to offer solutions to specific challenges faced by start-ups.

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