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Innovation planning 

We have developed a new innovation planning model via an  innovation management system, which  incorporates thepolicies, methodologies, processes and tools necessary for carrying out innovation in the group, as part of a comprehensive proposal for digitising said activity. Progress is being made towards a highly flexible methodology that is able to incorporate best practices and update them as appropriate.

Support and technological transfer

The company’s Support and Technological Transfer departments are entrusted with supporting group business in the optimisation of its operation, through the incorporation of new technology and technological knowledge. In this regard, being aware of the business needs, particularly those which require going beyond the usual steps with manufacturers and suppliers in order to resolve them, is of vital importance. Actively seeking and being aware of the available technology and opportunities that the innovation environment can provide the company are also crucial. 

Partnership with entities and institutions

Surveillance and technological observatories

  • Technological surveillance


     Generates information and knowledge.

      Anticipates changes

    Integrates new technologies with businesses

    Optimises media and resources

     Provides competitiveness  
  • Technological observatory


      Coordination and developmentof innovation initiatives

     Activates innovation from the very first stages of research

     Network ofspecific observatories

     160 experts from the business units 

  • External partnership


      Participation inforums and sector associations

     Dialogue with leading experts

     Newsletter with all the latest developments in innovation in the sector

     Assessmentof the applicability of trendsin innovation in the company

Specific technology observatories


    Wind Observatory

    Solar Observatory

    Coal and Gas Observatory

    Nuclear Observatory

    CO2 Observatory

    Renewable Gas Observatory

    Gas Network Observatory

    Point of Consumption Observatory

    H2 Technologies Observatory

    Liquefied Natural Gas Observatory

    Hydraulic Observatory

    New Gas Resources Observatory

    Electrical Network Observatory

    Gas-Based Mobility Observatory

    Electrical Vehicle Observatory

    Storage Observatory

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