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Technological Centre

The fundamental objective of the activity at the Technology Centre is to create a collaboration network between the company innovation and technology centresand their ecosystem of reference. The initiatives at the centre are located within the framework of open innovation policies at the company, which promotes collaborative work with the technology ecosystem made up of the Group businesses and the related technology developers: innovation centres, start-ups, universities, and other technology centres and industrial partners.

The mission of the centre is to serve as an incubator and facilitator of Innovation in the company, with three main objectives:

 Creation and management of meeting environments with the technology ecosystem 

 The implementation and use of technological development, through experimentation and piloting technology solutions

 demonstrating the innovation activity in the company.



  • Heating and Cooling Solutions Laboratory (LASOL)

    The purpose of this laboratory, created in collaboration with IREC, is to pilot new industrial heating and cooling solutions. Relevant pilots include the devices that hybridise renewable energy sources with natural gas , which emphasises the value of natural gas as a back up to renewable not manageable. 
  • Self-Consumption Laboratory (LAC)

    The main objective is to go in-depth into knowledge of this technology and participate in the developments to make it reach our customers. We test the functionality of commercial equipment and participate in the development of new functionalities, identifying the key factors for installation and integration in the electrical system.
  • AutoLab, robotics, sensorisation and IoT

    The primary activity of this laboratory, which began operating in 2017, consists of the development of quick solutions of hardware and software as support to projects in the Data Automation and Management line. It is also available to any area of the company as a development environment in these areas.

  • Smart Home Living Lab (Scholl)

    This is an environment that enables piloting and demonstrations of the company’s Smart Home, aimed at the customer, without having to share it. Its status as a laboratory makes it possible to work in a controlled environment, so it is possible to conduct more intensive experimentation than in a real facility. 

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