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The Information Automation and Management area is an across-the-board area that covers the projects already under way in the company in order to gain synergies and to boost the results.

Lines of action

 Energy Management

Development of solutions that provide energy management to ensure proper balances throughout the gas and electricity networks. The objectives of this line are to improve the detection of fraud, reducing the costs of detecting it and transferring the best results among the different pilots.

 Robot and drone assisted activities

The main objective of this line consists of using automatic solutions to complete certain operations, primarily those that are tedious, repetitive and hazardous, automatically, to facilitate the work of Naturgy employees. 

 Electrical systems ancillary systems and renewable power generation 

Analysis of the role of renewable generationon the complementary services market

  Wind farms monitoring architecture

Design of the Monitoring and Development Architecture for the model to extend the useful life of Wind Farms.

 Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality and BIM

This line aims to involve the entire company in assessing the application of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality technologies and BIM in their area of activity, taking into account that these technologies are constantly evolving.  


  • Virtual reality for training in high-risk jobs
    Virtual reality simulator for training operators in gas and electric distribution and shared services units. The virtual environment enables training on dangerous jobs without the inconveniences of a real environment

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  • Sibila (2016-2018)

    Development of an automatic control system that integrates both conventional technologies for power generation and renewable technologies and a predictive system that will make it possible to establish the optimum market share strategy.
  • Energy Harvesting UP4: (2017-2018)

    Initiative for collecting energy to feed sensors that are installed in the gas network. Power is generated from a device made of piezoelectric material introduced in a gas pipe that can interact with the structural flow that generates power. 
  • Optimum Flight (2017-2018)

    Conducting unmanned flights with leading technology to identify the optimum flight characteristics to advance in the digitisation of the electricity grids and obtain information to measure the distance from nearby landmarks: vegetation, roads, etc.
  • Customer Support Service Bot (2017)

    Creation of a botfor the company’s online channel to improve the Customer Support Service. With this software robot, customers are accompanied and informed during the  change of ownership and change of marketing company processes.
  • Energy Management: Gas in Argentina. (2017-2018)
    Development of a gas consumption prediction model for domestic customers of Naturgy in Argentina, helping to relate the information on consumption volumes that the customers expect to the reality of their consumption. 
  • Energy Management: MV/HV Spain (2017)
    Implementation of an MV/HV electrical grid characterisation in Spain and a model for electricity consumption prediction with Machine Learning techniques, graph analysis, Discovery data and data enrichment from external sources. 
  • Energy Management: VNG Brazil (2017)

    Implementation of a predictive model for vehicular natural gas  (VNG)  stations located in Brazil, providing sufficient information for complete management and control of the power supplied and the power consumed. 

Other technology lines

Power Generation

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