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In this area, the company focuses on  providing sustainable energy services . To do this, it works, on the one hand,  to improve processes to increase energy efficiency at all levels of our value chain and, on the other hand, focusing on the customers, giving them all the information in order to offer them personalised and added-value services

Smart Client

In the Smart Client area, the company remains focused on providing high added-value products and service for the different types of end customers. 

 GEDIS and Self-consumption

The Smart Client area is developing a smart energy management system for users that will be based on renewable generation predictions, electricity prices and load curves obtained from self-learning algorithms. 

 New solution integration

Digital solutions and IoT products that enable us to segment and better know our customers in order to offer them recommendations and personalised products and services. All these initiatives include information from the data on our customers through corporate mobile applications.

 Data Analytics

The main objective is to assign the necessary importance to the data through innovative tools such as Machine Learning (based on self-learning algorithms). Thus, based on certain initial data, we can obtain very useful information depending on each applied usage case and business in question.

Energy efficiency

The company focuses on improving processes to increase energy efficiency at all levels of the energy chain, focusing on the customers, providing them with information and services that help them improve their efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of their habits and energy consumption. 

Among the energy solutions for improving energy efficiency in buildings, the company has been working for years with solutions that combine reducing energy consumption with improved comfort. Likewise, the company focuses on improving processes to increase energy efficiency at all levels of the energy chain, focusing on the customers


Implementation of monitoring and energy management systems for the residential and service sectors.

 Innovative applications and technologies

Promoting the development and commissioning of innovative applications and technologies that improve energy efficiency and are financially competitive.

  Expanding the services catalogue

Constantly updating the catalogue of products that offer efficient solutions.

 Public-private partnership

Collaboration with public and private research and development entities on pilot projects that demonstrate technology.


Naturgy remains committed to mobility solutions based on natural gas and other renewable resources, as they contribute to improving air quality in cities and to reducing emissions in the transport sector. 

 National natural gas charging infrastructure

Development at the national level of a natural gas charging infrastructure for public use to bring this technology to the wider public.

 European LNG transport corridor

Participation in several European Union programmes that have the aim of furnishing Europe with transport corridors where road transport with lorries that use LNG is possible.


 Promoting the use of vehicular natural gas

Vehicular natural gas, both compressed and in liquid form, is proving to be an effective alternativefor sustainable mobility, as it balances significant environmental benefits (reducing emissions and lower noise pollution) and economic benefits. It is the only alternative to oil derivatives for all types of transport.

  Promoting maritime use of LNG

Actions aimed at promoting the use of natural gas as a fuel in different port facilities in Spain. 

 Promoting rail use of LNG

The rail sector is undertaking an initiative to carry out the first pilot test of rail propulsion with liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Europe

 Energy and financial efficiency of the LNG stations

The company promotes improving the energy and financial efficiency of the supply stations, to make them more sustainable.


  • Smart Client

    GrowSmarter (2015 - 2019)

    GrowSmarter is a European project that seeks to apply a combination of technologies to promote energy savings, a reduction in the environmental impact and improved quality of life in Smart City environments as a pilot.  

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  • Energy efficiency

    COFAST (2014-2018)

    The goal is to develop and launch a new solution for quick-charge stations for electric vehicles. The energy to be supplied to vehicles will come from a small-scale cogeneration system run on natural gas. 

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  • Energy efficiency

    PIDIM (2017-2019)

    A smart platform for the design of distributed power generation facilities for energy rehabilitation in buildings with significant consumption such as hotels, offices, schools, sport centres and premises

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  • Energy efficiency

    Reuseheat (2017-2021)

    To reduce the conventional energy required by buildings by usingresidual heat, this project aims to develop and demonstrate heatrecovery technologies in urban settings. 

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  • Smart Client

    DiPCa Project (2017-2018)

    The DiPCa project focuses on being able to create a predictive diagnostics system for frequent errors in residential gas wall boilers, based on multivariable sensors, enabling the optimisation of the service offered to our customers. 

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  • Smart Client 

    inteGRIDy (2017-2020)

    This project validates a demand, storage and distributed generation management tool. It integrates energy optimisation at the building level (storage and generation) and adding asset flexibility for participation in the electricity markets.
  • Smart Client

    Stardust (2017-2022)

    This European project Smart City from Horizon 2020 is developed in Pamplona, Trento, Italy, and Tampere, Finland. Its objective is the smart integration of technical solutions and innovative business models that contribute to the Smart City model.
  • Smart Client 


    The Rem BAP project develops an energy management tool for SMEs that uses data from smart meters that enable: segmenting users by their efficiency and proposing measures and massive actions to improve it. 
  • Energy efficiency

    Nearly null energy buildings (2016-2020)

    Development of  innovative solutions for the energy rehabilitation of buildings. The objective is that the energy rehabilitations minimise the demand for energy and maximise the contribution of renewable and residual energies.
  • Energy efficiency

    Dual heat pump (2017-2018)

    Development of operation control models that enable dual heat pumps (natural gas/electric) to compete with electrical machines, reducing costs, CO2 emissions and facilitating active management of electricity demand on the grid.
  • Mobility

    Sustainable Logistics Train (TLS) 2017-2018

    This project promotes an economical solution for the sustainable management of the logistics “last mile”, where service diffusion for customers is commonly found in areas with restricted traffic access, such as historical centres or pedestrian zones. 
  • Mobility

    HE-GNV (2017 – 2018)

    Development of a hybridisation of vehicular gas refuelling stations, with quick electrical recharging, to optimise the use of existing infrastructures and reduce operating costs, especially at the power terminal.
  • Mobility

    Rail Mobility with LNG (2014-2018)

    The pilot test was conducted with the an LNG engine on a self-propelled train from the Feve diesel fleet (2600) on a 20 km section of track between Trubia and Baiña in Asturias. In line with this incentive, a second project was launched on locomotives from the 1600 series. 


Other technology lines

Power Generation

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