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PIDIM Project

Smart Platform for the Sizing and Design of Multigeneration Facilities


This is a project involving technological innovation aimed at designing, developing and implementing a smart sizing and design platform for electrical, heat and cold distributed generation facilities.

The PIDIM platform will make it possible to promote energy rehabilitation in buildings existing in the service sector with significant energy consumption and design, simply and easily, multigeneration facilities with electricity, heating and cooling that include high-efficiency innovative technologies.



The main objective of PIDIM is to develop a platform that provides the sizing and design of added-value solutions linked to energy services in electricity, heating and cooling production facilities, operating in the cloud, receiving data such as customer consumption (building or group of buildings), which will enable:
pidim goals
  • Design and sizing

    Electrical, heat and cold distributed generation facilities.
  • Basic Draft


    Outlines of principles, budget and guidance measures.

  • M&V Module


    Obtain customer's consumption baseline. Energy saving measurement and verification.

  • Replicability Module

    On-site decision making on the potential and feasibility of interventions in new projects.


Savings in time and costs when conducting energy audits and the presentation of proposals for the renovation of facilities.
Access to a tool by Naturgy, which allows personalised solutions to be offered for the needs of each client and, therefore, for more accurate preliminary analyses to be carried out for the client.
Promotion of ESE projects including electrical, heat and cold distributed generation facilities, which incorporate highly efficient innovative technologies, renewable energies and thermal and electrical storage systems.
Tool with an extensive updatable database.


Low and medium temperature solar thermal.
Renewable energies for electricity production: photovoltaic and air turbines.
Boilers and heat pumps with and without heat recovery, including absorption and adsorption heat pumps.
Electrical and thermal storage systems.
Heat dissipation systems.


PIDIM is co-financed with the Technology Corporation of Andalusia. It was carried out in collaboration with AICIA, the Technology Centre associated with the Higher Institute of Industrial Engineers of Seville, who are in charge of developing the tool and are the technical managers of the different work packages.

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