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Power2Biomethane Project


This is about the development of a totally renewable biomethane-generation system based on CO2 and electricity coming from renewable-energy spillage through a bio-electricochemical process in Microbial Electrochemical System (MES) batteries.
Two main activities will be developed in parallel throughout the duration of the project:
Development of MES (Microbial Electrochemical Systems) stack cells on a laboratory scale.
Development of an electric MES stack converter control system for managing 20 kW power.


The project’s main objective is to develop an energy-storage system, explicitly for surplus productions of renewable energy, as biomethane produced from an effluent rich in CO2 (biogas) through a bio-electricochemical process. POWER2BIOMETHANE therefore offers a solution for managing surplus productions of renewable energy and reducing CO2 emissions by generating totally renewable and sustainable biomethane.

A prototype will be developed during the project, consisting of a system that will dissolve the CO2 into wastewater, connected to bio-electricochemical MES-type batteries, and a power-control system for integrating the prototype into a micro-grid of renewable energies.


Transforming excess electricity into synthetic natural gas

Enabling greater penetration of renewable energies

Reducing greenhouse gases and energy dependency

Creating large-scale prototypes with the renewable electricity grid


This is a project led by Naturgy and the consortium made up by another 3 institutions: DUTT, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and LEITAT. The project is part of the MINECO's 2016 CHALLENGES call.
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