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Power Generation

We are committed to a balanced energy mix and efficient management of fossil fuels and of renewable resources in which  zero-emission generation  technologies (renewable and hydropower generation) and low-emission  technologies (combined cycle and cogeneration) represent a significant volume of the total installed capacity.

Wind power

The initiatives the company is developing in this area focus on two primary areas: on the one hand, monitoring the state of the assets, through measurement, smart models and data processing to improve monitoring and diagnosis of the plants and, on the other, to maintain and optimise the performance of the facilities through the implementation or testing of improvements.


The company  is committed to implementing new technologies, both in areas of environmental control and in establishing mobility systems and remote monitoring, as well as to improvingthe performance of the hydropower facilities.

Photovoltaic energy

The company promotes initiatives that cover the automated and smart management of environmental information, energy efficiency and, in short, the development of photovoltaic technology. 


The innovation activities in the area of storage focus on an even greater increase in the quality and reliability of the supply, developing joint solutions with the customers and permitting greater and easier integration in the electricity gridof renewable resources.

Thermoelectric power

The company, in its commitment to minimising the impact of the industrial activity where it operates, is conducting different technological developments at its facilities. Work also continues on improving efficiency at its coal and combined cycle plants, adopting solutions that lengthen the useful life if its facilities.


  • Renewables



    The Renewable Environmental Information System (SIAR) centralises the environmental information existing at the renewable facilities, accessible in real time and available for consulting and analysing results or trends. 

  • Wind

    Windex Project 

    Sensorisation and development of information processing tools to extend the useful and structural life of wind farms based on a technology for measuring vibrations and other parameters that use fibre optics.  
  • Wind

    Renewable-Storage Hybrids
    Implementation of a management system for the power generated at a wind farm for a pilot that hybrids storage with generation and complements the capabilities of a conventional plant with new capabilities
  • Wind

    Monitoring Loads in Wind Turbines (2017-2018)
    Development of a platform to monitor displacements at the base of the wind turbine and the relative variation of loads in different operating modes, to determine the suitability of a change in its configuration.
  • Wind

    LORA Wind Turbine Sensorisation with Technology  
    Low-cost platform that enables previously configured equipment to issue alarms with departing from certain conditions of a safe profile, improving oversight on the status of the wind turbine components.
  • Photovoltaic power plant

    Big Data / IoT in Cogeneration and Photovoltaic Plants
    Implementation of a data acquisition and management service for the PLCs of the Cogeneration and Photovoltaic plants. The purpose is to automate the processes and conduct predictive maintenance based on the information gathered. 
  • Photovoltaic

    Thermal optimisation of photovoltaic power plants (2016-2017)
    Optimisation of the performance of photovoltaic panels using passive cooling. This project introduces the weather variable, as it has a direct effect on cooling the panels and is useful when bidding on energy on the markets. 
  • Photovoltaic

    Photovoltaic Solar Laboratory (Durango, Mexico) (2017-2018)
    This laboratory evaluates the most relevant operating and maintenance parameters of the solar panels on the global market. It offers new sustainable solutions and strengthens the Group on the new energy markets
  • Hydroelectric

    Hydroelectric Integrated CC

    The Hydroelectric Integrated Control Centre (ICC) uses the most advanced technologies to provide centralised management and remote supervision of 51 hydropower plants and 23 major dams owned by the company in Spain. 
  • Hydroelectric


    Development of an independent system of water sample analysis from the reservoirs, sending the results remotely. Analysis by an expert system makes it possible to model the behaviour of the reservoir and to predict environmental events.
  • Hydroelectric

    CBM Besesar and Bolarque Reservoirs

    Application of a methodology that can reduce the workload and maintenance cost, replacing preventive maintenance tasks with predictive in equipment in which it is technically and economically feasible.
  • Storage

    Batteries for Renewable Hybridisation
    Implementation of a storage system with batteries at the La Vega I & II wind farms in Zamora to test its functioning under real conditions and explore its real possibilities to improve management at this type and in similar plants.
  • Thermoelectric

    Optimisation of combustion with lasers (2017)

    This is a novel system for the Optimisation of Combustion based on Laser Technology that helps reduce NOx emissions at the Meirama Thermal Power Plant. It can also increase performance, as well as lengthen the useful life of the boiler.

  • Thermoelectric

    Neural networks (2017-2018)

    The project is taking place at the La Robla Thermal Power Plant, and it focuses on the installation of an expert system, based on neural networks that are used to reduce the NOx values from combustion. 

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