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We maintain commercial relationships for the sale and purchase of gas in a number of countries, including Algeria. This country is the Group’s main natural gas supplier and is home to the beginning of the MEDGAZ Gas Pipeline, in which the company currently owns a 49% stake after purchasing Mubadala’s 34% in April 2020.
After this transaction, the company is now owned exclusively by Naturgy (49%) and Sonatrach (51%). The MEDGAZ gas pipeline was opened in 2011 and connects the Algerian gas fields of  Hassi R’Mel to the Spanish gas pipeline network, after travelling through Algeria and crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach Almeria.

This international and multidisciplinary project represents the most direct and economical way to supply natural gas to southern Europe, benefitting the end consumer and making a positive contribution to the targets set by the Kyoto Protocol by bringing a clean energy like natural gas to the continent.



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View of the pipe during construction of the gas pipeline

Naturgy's activity in Morocco is mainly focused on operating the Moroccan section of the Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline (GME), which links the Algerian gas fields of Hassi R'Mel to the Spanish gas pipeline network. 

This pipeline measures 1,400 kilometres in length and 48 inches in diameter. It stretches across Morocco from the Hassi R’Mel gas field in Algeria to the Strait of Gibraltar and the Iberian Peninsula, where it connects to an extensive European network of gas pipelines. EMPL operates the Moroccan section, 540 Km.

Europe Maghreb Pipeline Limited (EMPL) was set up in July 1992 to promote, finance and operate the Maghreb - Europe Gas Pipeline through Morocco. Furthermore, the company Metragaz, S.A. (Metragaz) was also incorporated in July 1992. Its initial purpose was to build the gas pipeline and, once in service, to operate and maintain the gas pipeline installations on behalf of EMPL.

Naturgy owns a stake of approximately 77% in both.

Sagane is the company through which Naturgy has stakes in Metragaz (76.68%) and EMPL (77.2%), the companies responsible for managing the gas pipeline as it passes through Morocco.

Europe Maghreb Pipeline Limited


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