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Naturgy launched operations in this country in 2018 by commercialising natural gas and liquefied natural gas.


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The Indian LNG market is one of the largest in the world, and its potential for growth makes it one of the most relevant markets in terms of demand. We are a leading supplier in the country, where we have made both short- and medium-term sales, and we maintain a significant presence through occasional shipment sales.  


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Japan is the world’s largest LNG importer. We operate in the country as an occasional shipment supplier and we have an extensive portfolio of commercial relations in Japan.



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Through our Unión Fenosa Gas subsidiary, we hold a stake in the Qalhat Liquefaction Plant in the Sultanate of Oman.

Both the time period for the construction of the Qalhat plant and the start-up and first LNG production period (13 days) marked a world record in the development of this type of facility.

The Qalhat Plant complements and significantly strengthens the business structure of Unión Fenosa Gas


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To satisfy the growing demand, the company recently began importing LNG. In this situation, we have made occasional deliveries.


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We have made occasional sales of LNG in this Asian market, and we have a commercial office in Singapore from which we manage the LNG marketing activities in Asia.


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