Selling gas

We market gas in Spain, with a market share of 39% including both wholesale and retail business. We are leaders in the combined dual energy market and offer a wide range of value added services.

In terms of the electricity business, the company leads the electricity and residential segments with a total market share in Spain of 14%.


Power Generation

Our electricity generation capacity in Spain stands at 12.5 GW and is based on a balanced, competitive and environmentally-friendly generation mix with significant contributions from five technologies: 7 GW from combined cycle power plants, 2 GW from hydropower, 1.7 GW from coal, 1.2 GW from renewables and 0.6 GW from nuclear.

Our company’s power generation is aimed at both wholesale and residential consumption. We control a leading position in the markets where we operate and we are one of the most efficient operators in terms of the operation and maintenance costs of our electricity distribution business.
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Other sites of interest

Nartugy Foundation

The Naturgy Foundation is a non-profit institution founded in 1992 by the Naturgy, with the aim of educating people and raising social awareness.


Bolarque Museum

The Bolarque Museum was inaugurated in 1977 with a mission to conserve the industrial heritage through its collection, capable of relating the history of the country’s energy sector. 

Bolarque Museum

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