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Selling gas

Our marketing activity caters for wholesale and retail gas and electricity segments  in liberalised markets. In Spain, our company is at the forefront of the energy retail market: gas, electricity and other products in all segments, from residential to industrial. We have a 26% share of the gas retail market, and 10% of the electricity market.


Power Generation

Our electricity generation capacity stands at 16.9 GW and is based on a balanced, competitive and environmentally-friendly generation mix. In
this way, we operate with five different technologies: renewables (water, wind and solar power), combined cycle, cogeneration and nuclear.
In Spain, we have a capacity of 12 GW, with significant operations in five technologies: 7.4 GW from combined cycle power plants, 2 GW from hydropower, 2 GW from renewables and 0.6 GW from nuclear. Our market share comprises 17.4% in non-renewable generation and 2.1% in renewable energy.
  2019  2018  2017
 Gas distribution activity sales (GWh)


 449.259 460.014
 Gas transportation/EMPL (GWh)


 117.526 100.371
 Gas distribution supply points (thousands)


 10.605 10.491
 Electricity distribution supply points (thousands)


 7.569 7.447
 Gas distribution network (Km)


 119.998 116.181
 Length of electricity distribution and transport lines (km)


 215.532 214.399
 Electricity generated (GWh) 44.704 46.658 46.389
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